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-=~*happy Humpday 25/6*~=-

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  • -=~*happy Humpday 25/6*~=-


    How was your weekend? Have you had your coffee this morning? I haven't.

    What did you eat for dinner last night? How is your day starting off today? Which department at your place of employment do you most dislike? (if small business, position is fine) Anything else worthy of mention?

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    Humpday .....

    Coffee this morning was a little bitter.. but ok. Desired effect achieved. Dinner last night? Maccas... meh.. it was ok i guess. Departmental dislikes today? Install... but then.. i dislike them most days so nothing new... worthy of mention? Long weekend Ahhh yeah... a good hump day indeed.
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    If either/both of you can take a dump with the other person being next to you within a week of meeting them then you're in with a VERY good chance.


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      Originally posted by lee View Post

      How was your weekend? Have you had your coffee this morning? I haven't.

      What did you eat for dinner last night? How is your day starting off today? Which department at your place of employment do you most dislike? (if small business, position is fine) Anything else worthy of mention?

      I haz a nice latte ... mmmm

      Got to work late, coz my gear was all still soaking wet from last night so was waiting for it to dry a bit in front of the heater. Slept like shit, but the coffee, and redbull is helping.

      Still single (oops u didn't ask that this week)

      Dinner last night, PIZZA with a bunch of PSB ladies and Stephan after gate crashing the girls house in Bentley -sorry again girls

      Department I hate? Financial services, none of them can speak English nor comprehend basic instructions.

      Yay for Wednesday... bring on the weekend.


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        i got back from the gym late and couldn't be bothered cooking.. so i had weetbix for dinner.

        The weekend was one giant uniwork slog (b o r i n g)

        Havent had any caffeine this morning... Might hunt some red bull.


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          humpday is good so far... business is going well, weather isn't as shit as I thought it would be. can't really complain as yet... going smooth. our coffee machine got fixed yesterday too so coffee's have been great this morning. Pizza for dinner was ok, Domino's.. meh
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          benjamin is nobodys friend. if benjamin were an ice cream flavor, he'd be pralines and dick.
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          Good riders don't need insurance though, they can evade any situation



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            no coffee today. not that dependent on the stuff. had good old home cooked meal last night. i dont like angry customers. especially the smelly ones.

            happy humpday!


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              i cooked chicken pie last night. it was good.

              i only work with 3 other dudes, small business fucking rules. i have the cruisiest job in the universe.

              i dont drink coffee.


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                My weekend would have been better if my bike wasnt in having her 30 thou service but considering how well she is running now, I'm happy . Morning coffee tasted burnt! Had meatballs for dinner. Day started with a very pleasurable ride into work . I dislike my department at the moment (need a holiday). Roll on the weekend, is the weather looking good?


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                  happy humpday indeed
                  i've had a mocha and 2 short blacks, about to go for another.
                  work is good so far just looking for inspiration to start a job, really disslike the person doing my job (me) such a mean bastard, always making ppl work... dinner consisted of Viet royal in east perth.... hmmmm pad thai om nom nom nom


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                    Weekend was lame, studied all weekend...although won hockey and then got drunk at the club when I was meant to be studying aha

                    Have you had your coffee this morning? Yes, at home today because of exam so crappy instant it is

                    Had wedges with sour cream and sweet chilli last night, and some chicken nuggets too aha healthy eating

                    Woke up at 7am feeling fresh and awake and about to get out of bed to study a little bit for the exam today...hit snooze anyway and woke up 9 minutes later incredibly so slept in til 9

                    Currently hating the anti-social loud mouthed trash office data entry girls who sit near me at work...

                    Anything else worthy of mention? LAST EXAM TODAY WOOO then drunk at the tav


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                      Humpday is good
                      no coffee - drink tea
                      had 2.5 day weekend which was awsome
                      Boss is in but isnt cracking the shits for once! its goooood
                      Had chicken + pasta mornay for dinner - very tasty on cold nights.
                      Dislike the accountant/paymaster cos they dont may me nough and keep bugging me to do trivial stuff....but there not here so yay!

                      .other stuff - parents buggering off to Europe for 4 weeks tonight so i get the house to myself....and its my 21st birthday in 15 Days!!!MMMWWHAHAHAHAHAHA
                      SUCH IS LIFE

                      Originally posted by lee
                      I hope you choke on a donut, and when you do I'm going to inappropriately hit on your grieving widows.


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                        Coffee this morning was fresh and tasty. I slept like shit, so I needs it.

                        Dinner last night was 2 apples, couldn't be arsed cooking, and was still full from a huge lunch (never wait until you're starving to go get lunch, you always over order).

                        Disliked departments: normally HR, but the HR chick here is great. So I'd have to go for Africans with a tenuous grasp of English, and especially arrogant Frenchmen who manage these Africans.
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                          Weekend was full on but pretty good. Went out to the paddo on friday night, had a few drinks there. Rode to Toodyay and Northam on Saturday, Saturday night had a mate come round for a bit. Sunday was a photoshoot for a friend who needed photos for her portfolio; modelling interview was on Monday yeah, she cut it to the wire. We took photos until the light was so bad I couldn't do anything with ISO 400.

                          Dinner last night consisted of pasta and cheese. Forgot to defrost the chicken.

                          Which department do I hate? I like to think of the positive.. which department do I like

                          ......I'll get back to you on that....

                          Anything else worthy of mention.. hmm... Well to continue Jessicas trend, still single but hey, I'm not lookin' and its been a week. Give a fella a chance.

                          What am I doing this weekend? Going to the shed on Friday for bogan drinks. I'll be there at 8:30pm if anyone else wants to drop through. Removing bike alarm (and nursing hang over) on Saturday, followed by drinks Sat night, possibly at the Paddo, and complete recovery on Sunday.

                          EDIT: Slept well, and slept in! damn alarm clock

                          "Always out-numbered, never out-gunned"


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                            kill me.

                            (yes my humpday is that good)


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