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I've found a new game to play..... :D

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  • I've found a new game to play..... :D

    I'd like to call it "red-lining"

    now.... I know it already exists, some of the senior PSB members have spoken of it earlier but I thought i'd blow the cobwebs off it and bring it back into the lime-light. ANyone can play the game, but it helps if you have a 600cc or larger with a nice aftermarket exhaust.

    But first, the back-story.
    ================================================== ======

    Heading to uni this afternoon, on the R1, I pull up to the lights on South St near the Kardi and look the right and see some bitch in the lane next to me, in a commodore..... on the phone.

    I shake my head in disgust, frown for a bit, shake my head some more, and look to my left. There's a transperth bus next to me, the bus driver is staring at me with a curious look on his face. He doesnt understand.

    Lights go green. "Fuck you bitch!!" I nail it from the line and wind it out through first gear and settle on a sedate 70km/h.
    Up ahead, just before Murdoch, there is construction work, and the right lane is closed so traffic is down to 2 lanes.

    40km/h signs.
    I slow down, 60....... 50 km/h........
    and who should I see appearing in my rear-view mirror and approaching my clacker but the same bitch in the commodore. hehehehe I like to piss people off so I slowly coast to 40km/h. YOu can never be too sure whether there's coppers about. This bitch is right up my ass at this stage, but.... she saw the speed signs right??

    Lane opens up again and the speed is back to 70km/h, I change into the right lane in preparation of turning into uni ahead. Who should appear next to me again on the left hand side??? the bitch in the commodore, still on the phone..... again, I shake my head, and glance at her again....

    she now has a note-pad, pressed against the steering column, a pen in the other hand, her phone is now pressed against her jaw and her shoulder. I look ahead, the road ahead of me is clear.

    ================================================== =========

    Ive had just about enough of this. It's time to play the game. ^_^

    Clutch In




    the look on her face!!!!!!

    looked kinda like this:

    ahhhhhh I was having a great day. This bitch came appear and tried to sour my day, but no, she couldnt bring me down, she made my day so much better by seeing her reaction. ^_^

    I look up, and see the turnining lane for Murdoch approaching. I indicate and turn into uni. With a big fucking grin on my face

    I invite you all to be on the look out for potentional "recipients" of the Red-lining game. It's a public service that Im happy to provide.
    Have you won the game recently?? Post here

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    Effing :awesome:

    Best thread ever.

    Your photoshop skillz made it even better.
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      lol...not bad...I hate it when tramps talk on the phone when driving...pretty sure ive gotten some kinda handsfree device with all my phones, be it bluetooth or the shitty earphone...either is safer.
      Originally posted by Amac
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          HAhahahaa, i spilled redbul all over my pants after seeing the picture.
          pure gold.


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            ^^^ LOL Maxo you are the Photochop master

            Bunyack, I also play red-line. They don't like it, especially when stationary at lights, my victims usually drop the phone from their ear and try to look all concentrating-like
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            Get a load of this pussy, he wouldn't travel back in time to murder a baby.


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              hmmm must invest in loud exhaust


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                If you happen to catch a bitch putting on make up...

                - Spuddy: Music, motorbike, gaming, socialising and drinking enthusiast. Man about town!


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                    I'm pretty sure I'm going not going to get those picture out of my mind for a while.

                    I've felt like playing the game but I don't think a stock 600RR is loud enough.
                    Sound proofing is too good on new cars and old cars would drown it out with the sound of their rusting.

                    Must invest in louder pipe.
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                      Originally posted by Maxo View Post

                      hahahahahah is that you charicature(sp) of my avatar(Grantlington)???

                      Have you won the game recently?? Post here


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                        I did this one day when I picked STR8 and DonnaL up, we where heading down North on Leach Hwy just after the Freeway ramps and came up alongside a guy in a green jag he had his passenger window open and was on the phone, I pulled the clutch in and gave it heaps. He took the phone of his ear and looked, then laughed and hung up, least it worked


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                          eh heh heh heh

                          if i do this my bike would turn into a flame thrower...
                          which would make it so much more wickeder



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                            not a "smoke-screen" ellE??? kekekekekekeke
                            Have you won the game recently?? Post here


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                              redlining is all of the fun!