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60 minutes tonight -- WTF-fest?

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  • 60 minutes tonight -- WTF-fest?

    First, there was an article about the current credit crisis... in which, some woman lost her house by borrowing against it to purchase an investment property. The investigative reporting here revealed that the bank robbed her of her initial property, without any indication as to whether or not she was able to keep up repayments.

    Second, according to 60 minutes, their master economist of choice predicted that "a crash would happen" 3 years ago (the prediction occurred 3 years ago, without a timeline fixed to it). Well, guess what: I predict a boom will happen. Let's just wait for me to be proven right at some point in the next two decades. OoOOOoooOOOOO!

    Then, there was an article about a quadriplegic -- who was quite clearly shown patting his dog. To those who didn't quite catch it -- how can you pat a dog when, by definition, your hands are paralysed?

    Honestly, I think it's getting to the point where the only investigative journalism going on anymore is by the satirists like the hollowmen or chasers.

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    Yeah, fuck 60 minutes for sensationalising things in typical media fashion.
    "So, recession or depression" "Depression"
    Good on you for giving mom and pop more reason to panic and exacerbating the problem.
    I was actually going to start a thread about the same thing myself.


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      didnt they also hav some useless thing about p0rn too?

      i got bored when i realised there was nothing on tv for a change and decided that i should do wat i always do and just avoid it


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        Holy shit guys, there's this new thing called internet porn!

        Bunch of crap.


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          Psst... their investigative journalism led them to the babes section.


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            who pays for their porn anyway??

            buncha suckas!
            Have you won the game recently?? Post here


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              Originally posted by Yuggert View Post
              Holy shit guys, there's this new thing called internet porn!
              Apparently they did.

              Perhaps that's why my 9 year old took a sudden interest in wanting to watch 60 minutes tonight.

              Anyone else have a 9 year old as their youngest?????

              Found a pic of a topless woman in a bike mag, and wants it framed in his bedroom. At 9 YEARS OLD???????

              The kid's a worry.

              But I'm proud of him.\


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                So uh what did she do to that sock-puppet thing? Was that meant to be kinky? I just wanted to break her teeth.


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                  Sorry X' - investigative journalism died a long time ago...they only win by peeps sitting through the hour and sharing. Did you watch the whole show? You iz just feeding it

                  BTW - Quadraplegic (AFAIK) refers to limited movement in the limbs, so it would be viable that the guy could do this. Didn't watch it as I was busy watching Delta accept her 20th whatever win but i'm betting they were showing this in a condesending nature eg. 'Oh look what he's been able to do...' F.U.C.K.E.R.S


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                    By that point I'd actually tuned out, and I arrived late. They maybe got 25 or 30 minutes out of me.

                    I'm actually kicking myself that I missed the porn article. Apparently I managed to recognise Jodie Moore from the one mugshot on the article from their website. And that's just ... :awesome:


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                      Quadriplegia - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


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                        i was complaining about today tonight/ a current affair and 60 minutes a while back, i recall someone saying 60 minutes wats actually a pretty good show.....time to lurk and find the quote


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                          Was me who stated that, usually they aren't too bad.


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                            fair enough, maybe its just the season for it. summers coming around, it'll be global warming next, but wait, isn't there an ice age coming? fuckin idiots
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                              Hi, Welcome to 48 minutes of Bullshit + 12 minutes of commercials, this week.........
                              Atlas Performance, dyna pumps, " your name goes here"