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  • Israel Vs Hamas

    Thoughts on the Gaza Crises?

    I'm no great fan of the Palestinians, especially Hamas, after Arafat died i think they lost their way, but what Israel is doing is cold blooded murder.

    I reckon this about sums it up;

    I'm sorry, but as far as i'm concerned Israel can burn for this,

    UN aid agency suspends Gaza operations - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

    The Red Cross also accused Israel of failing to help wounded people in an area of Gaza where its rescuers found four small children huddling next to their dead mothers, too weak to stand up.
    The Israeli military "failed to meet its obligation under international humanitarian law to care for and evacuate the wounded," the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) said in an unusually blunt statement.
    It said Israeli soldiers tried to force the rescuers to leave when they finally reached the grisly scene in Gaza City's shell-battered Zeitun neighbourhood on Wednesday, four days after safe-passage had been requested.
    The delay in allowing access to rescuers was "unacceptable," the ICRC said.
    The rescue team, which included members of the Palestinian Red Crescent Society, "found four small children next to their dead mothers in one of the houses.
    They were too weak to stand up on their own.
    "One man was also found alive, too weak to stand up. In all there were at least 12 corpses lying on mattresses."
    Fifteen survivors, several of them wounded, were found in one house.
    "This is a shocking incident," said Pierre Wettach, who heads the ICRC's delegation for Israel and the Palestinian territories.
    "The Israeli military must have been aware of the situation but did not assist the wounded. Neither did they make it possible for us or the Palestine Red Crescent to assist the wounded."

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    Sorry Rooster, but over three quarters of the deaths have been Islamist fighters.

    I too thought Israel was wrong until i read the paper two days ago and while i feel any civillian deaths are unwarrented, this time i understand what the Israelies are doing.
    Perhaps if they can remove the jihadists from border they can find peace. Perhaps they can find a better way of fighting the war or finding peace.
    So far they are offering three hours of break in the war for humanitarian aid.
    But they are fighting forces backed by the Iranians and they need to win to let the region know that they can stand up to the fundementalist Iranian government who are the most controlling regime in the region.
    They supply the most weapons and the most training anywhere in that region and all the moderate governments in the region know the problems that would occur worldwide if the (fundamentalist) Iranian regime were to control the middle east.
    (That would include the total destruction of Israel).
    What is next, the destruction of all zionist's and the progeny of the crusaders?.

    The Iranian Government is recognised as turning the Hamas "keystone cops" into the paramilitary force they have become.

    It is far too big to look at as a war between the Israelies and the Palestinians.
    It is a war between the jews (judasim) and the muslims (Islam), both sons of Abraham who have lost the fact that they serve the same god. If it were not for the compassion of their god one of those religions would not be here today!
    One the bastard son of Abraham, (through his stable maid), the other the son of Abrahams (old) wife (Sarah).
    They are now fighting over their birth place.

    One acts like the bastard son, the other acts like the jaded son who thinks his half brother should not have the family land.

    Perhaps one should have been slaughtered as god had once decided. Perhaps he (god) should not have shown compassion. For if he had not stopped the blood sacrifice of one of his sons then we would not have had most of the wars we have fought since the birth of Judaism/Islam.

    This whole religious experiment has been a fuck up since it was started.


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      Popcorn and deckchair tread me thinks!


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        War brings death and destruction and breeds hatred and resentment.

        Until governments realise this terrorist attacks will never stop and there will never be peace.

        The innocent Palestinian children who watched with horror as their mothers died are tomorrows Jihadists.

        Israel is perpetuating a cycle of violence that they know will never stop, that is their aim i beleive, they will eventually take Palestine using the excuse that they are terrorists and poor old Israelis are being attacked in settlements that probably shouldnt be there.

        If Israel stopped building illegal settlements in the West Bank and perhaps showed some compassion, respect and cooperation with the Muslims then perhaps Hamas might start to ease off.

        I dont really buy the religion war anymore, you cant tell me those kids are throwing rocks at soldiers because they are defending their faith. They are desperate, angry, dispossessed and traumatised people who are now even more so.

        If Israel seize Gaza and their police can keep the peace, well and good, but somehow i dont think they will be welcomed as an occupying force. They just bombed a couple of schools ffs.

        Its a complicated issue to be sure and one perhaps westerners will not understand, i dont entirely, but all i see is Israel with tanks and armies battling a few broken arse gorilla fighters and kids with gings.

        No people, especially civillians and children deserve this, as i said, it only breeds tomorrows fighters, i know what i would be doing if someone blew up my house and killed my family.


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          I may be wrong, but i believe the bible cast out the Israelies and that they did not have a home until after the end of the second world war where the Americans needed to give them a home after rescuing them from Hitler.

          You may not believe the religious thing anymore, but it is a part of our history and a part of our future.
          If it were not a part of religion then there would be no war and no Israel/Palestine border. After all the "seppos" recognised that this area is the area talked about in the bible as the birthplace of Judaism and Islam, so they dispossesed the Palestinian arabs who did not really have any native title to the land and dumped the jews in there. (About sixty years ago)

          Many parts of the bible have now been proved due to the Israelie occupation. (For want of bettter terminology).
          Did you know there is now proof that a Jesus of bethlehem was crucified on the cross?

          There is no doubt the Israelies have caused many problems in the region, but the Iranians are feeding the minorities the weapons to continue fighting and not allow peace to have a chance.

          If Issac had have been allowed to be sacrificed on the alter there would be no Jews. But then there would be no Christians either. (You can thank one of gods angels for that).

          Those Christians fought the wars of the middle east that give us the (hated) name of the crusaders..
          These wars have been fought for centuries, they are nothing new.
          Greed and corruption will not allow them to stop. They feed the machine.
          Next will come war with Iran.
          Israel may start it, but the whole western world will join in, it's not far away.

          Radical Islam will not be tollerated.
          It is a fundamentalist Islamic regime which funds the Palestinian fighters. No govt in the (free) world wants them to win. They don't stand much of a chance...


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            I found this:

            نèىههéوéن نçلّْéْ: àىôé îôâéًéي ًâم نîىçîن لٍون

            [ame=]YouTube - Thousands of Israelis protest against the war in Gaza[/ame]


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              Originally posted by XSorXpire View Post
              It is a fundamentalist Islamic regime which funds the Palestinian fighters. No govt in the (free) world wants them to win. They don't stand much of a chance..

              Fair comment, but is Israel becoming a fundamentalist Zionist regime?

              I dont know if Iran can be blamed for everything, where is Syria in amongst all this?

              Regardless of the politics, Israel should not be killing the innocents.


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                Syria is regarded as a puppet of the Iranian Govt mate. So are the Hisbollah and someone else whose name escapes me.

                No doubt the Jews are becoming a Zionist regime, but the British empire was no better, nor the roman/greek/mongol/*insert empire here*.

                What is different?
                Mass media?

                I think the seppos are to blame. If the poms had have won the war of independence perhaps the world would be different!

                Hey, if the jihadists had beat the crusaders the world certainly would have been different. The poms would have been overrun by the moors and we would all be black(ish)....

                Sorry Rooster, not much is going to change the wars of the world. There is too much money to be made form war and the only consequence is civillian death. That is probably an acceptable outcome for those in control of the weapons, money and profits that war brings.

                How does it go? The five permanent members of the security council are the five biggest dealers of arms in the world.
                How ever are you going to stop this kind of shit when this is the case?

                People are just small (expendable) cogs in a far larger machine.
                Shit innit?

                I'm just grateful to be here and not there.

                I have luxuries that many will never undestand let alone experience. And i would not sacrifice them for anything they may have to offer.
                I read about the deaths and i feel sorry for the people who die, then i get a power bill and i forget their suffering. I think that i may have to suffer as i can't afford to live in this manner and i may have to do with out the air conditioner to get the bill down to a more managable level.
                I may have to suffer the heat and it is unbearable.

                Until we all start to think more about the world and less about our personal space shit like this is going to continue to happen. As bad as i might feel about it now in the cool of the morning, i won't be giving it another thought while i am laying on the couch under the airconditioner watching "jarheads" tomorrow.

                Sad isn't it?


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                  My god of peace and love says that your god of peace and love is wrong. Oh shit, same god.

                  Wasnt Israel created cause no one else wanted the dispossessed jews in their "backyard" after WWII?

                  I seem to also remember having heard that the Kimberley region was also considered as a potential homeland during this period.

                  Anyway its good to see the "cradle of civilization" living up to its reputation of ongoing continuous war over land ownership and religious beliefs. Whats it been now, 5,000 years of conflict?

                  "It is in your nature to destroy yourselves" Quote from 800 series Terminator to John Connor, Terminator 2.
                  They hung a sign up in our town "If you live it up, you won't live it down"-Tom Waits


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                    Shit in this area has been going on for thousands of years. Doubt it's going to stop (in any form) in the foreseeable future.
                    Originally posted by vk6hgr
                    My Hyosung couldn't do that speed if it was dropped in from orbit.


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                      Originally posted by chew View Post
                      Wasnt Israel created cause no one else wanted the dispossessed jews in their "backyard" after WWII?
                      Hey, that looks like something i said forty five minutes ago.
                      I think it is time for me to go to bed....


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                        Pretty crazy over there... I've been to israel to visit my aunty a couple of times. The petrol station she always goes to fill up the car got totally blown by a bomb a while ago, really scary situation. The whole country lives in a constant state of ''war''. Security with automatic weapons on shopping malls etc.

                        Both sides are wrong, Israel for hammering down the palestinians, stealing their land, stealing their water and making them live like cage animals. That and their continuous killing of civilians... bombarding a bloody school for crying out loud.

                        I do feel bad for the palestinians, knowing in what kind of circumstances they have lived for the last decade or so really shows why there is such a support for hammas. I'm pretty sure that If i was a palestinian I would joing them, I guess i woudn't know better it that circumstance.

                        I guess Hammas is to stubborn to stop and talk, israel will always respond a thausand times harder. Fuck, what a mess.


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                          Well IMHO anyone who hides behind civilians and in schools to fire weapons becomes a legitimate target. They are cowardly scum.

                          What parent in their right mind would allow their child to be put in harms way unless they were forced to?

                          What sort of organisation trains kids to blow themselves up and has a kids TV show to encourage this?

                          Who fired over 2000 rockets into Israel last year?

                          Yep you guessed it that lovely community orientated defensive organisation Hamas.
                          I am the old bloke on the black and yellow cbr1krr


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                            i dont see how they are ever going to bring peace to that region
                            Originally posted by Bendito
                            If we get to a stop and we are missing a dozen bikes and you are last, it was your fault. Don't be that guy. No one likes that guy.


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                              Rooster I agree that " Israel should not be killing the innocents" but what do you do when the militants use civilians to hid behind and the civilians allow them to do so, they actively encourage them to attack from with in the confines of a civilian residences or preferable a school.

                              What you also need to consider here is Israel has only really attacked where the militants are hiding and not deliberately attacking civilians, where as the militants are deliberately, and even before this move by Israel, attacking civilians, yet no one seems to be bothered by that.....

                              I'm sorry, but as far as I'm concerned ANYONE aiding a terrorist / militant can burn for this.

                              Keep Calm
                              Chive on !