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Chinese Cyber Spies! Oh No!

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  • Chinese Cyber Spies! Oh No!

    Cyber Warfare - The Australian

    Really... articles like this are just irresponsible. It's targetting a developing nation with negative rhetoric, evoking Cold War sentiment from flirtatiously mentioning Russia and then has the tenacity to claim that the Western World doesn't partake in any of this sort of behaviour and acts only in defence. This article does nothing but rouse xenophobic sentiment. It's purely and simply a public stir up in response to Rudd expressing desire to cosy up to the emerging power that China is...

    The Australian has slipped a long way as far as a credible news source is concerned.
    Originally posted by Ferris
    I love how PSB has turned into "Dear Martha"

    Figure shit out yourselves, retards.

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    All countries spy and are spyed on.

    Beat up if I ever heard one.
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      It's not xenophobic, it just happens that China tend to get caught out a lot more than others do. Probably because they rely on their "public" citizens to perform the dirty work. They deserve all knocks to their credibility that they deserve on that fact alone.


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        Cool, go china!

        Steal those precious australian military secrets, like how to spell Woomera.
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