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Hilarious Statement by Malcolm Turnbull

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  • Hilarious Statement by Malcolm Turnbull

    I was watching the 7.30 Report on Tuesday night and Malcolm Turnbull was bagging the PM about his $43Billion broadband project:

    Quote: "The trouble with our Prime Minister is that he is intoxicated with his own magnificence"

    I though it was a classic.

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    LOL and wasnt turnbull the guy that wanted to stop the $900 bonus?


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      Yeah - to tell the truth I would rather the government get something for their money than throw it away. Face it - most of it is going to end up in china... the rest will be retured to the government via taxes so in the end our economy is still rooted and the government will have less money....


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        that isnt a very nice thing to say about someone on national tv
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          Said by the guy who was pushing Colin's Canal. (is that some kind of pun?)
          No amount of genius can overcome a preoccupation to detail.


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            turn the canal into a pipeline, and what's so retarded about it?
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              I'm just commenting on the cost scale.

              What's so retarded about it? There are other, better, options.
              No amount of genius can overcome a preoccupation to detail.