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  • train travel in europe

    Has anyone used the train/bus network in europe and did you buy your tickets online and where from?

    I have found Eurorail but it seems quite expensive. (Eurail Select Pass 5 Countries | Eurail Select Pass)

    Can anyone point me in the right direction?

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    I found it too expensive, especially when you look at the prices of EasyJet and Ryan Air. The only train trips I had was Munich -> Prague and Prague -> Berlin. I flew everywhere else.
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      I used Euro rail to go between Frankfurt, Paris, Nice, Paris, Munich, Frankfurt.

      Was something like $500 AUD for first class seats.
      Recommend it 100%, good service, fast, clean and neat.

      Top it off, most train stations are in the center of the cities.

      My 2c.


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        Where are you going? It may be cheaper to buy normal tickets direct from the train companies.

        France: SNCF : Voyage, Transports et Logistique ( if you need it in English)
        Belgium: NMBS - SNCB
        Netherlands: Dienstverlening voor iedereen die met de trein reist. NS voor reizigers NS reizigers

        Don't bother getting the train in Britain. It would be easier, quicker and cheaper to travel by solid gold rollerblades.


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          I travelled all around Germany, Munich, east Germany, Kassel, Cologne etc. bought the tickets at the train stations, service was quick and relitavely cheap, well I tought so.
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            Yep all over Europe, Make sure you have some killer books cos you can be on trains for 10 hrs and stuff sometimes.

            The way airfares are at the moment it may be quicker to fly around though.
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              Used rail travel round Europe and found Eurail pass great value, just be careful as its not valid in some countries like the Czech republic and you will have to buy another ticket on top of your pass

              Go the full cheap option and beware, lots of suss characters in the cheap seats. I saw the outcome of many peeps being robed during the night. To the point where people had even broken into our sleeper cabin in the middle of the night. Me and the wife were way up the top of the cabin (6 per cabin) so our gear was with us and safe out of reach. So if you’re in a sleeper try and get up near the roof.

              In my opinion it was worth the extra few Euro to upgrade to first class, way cleaner and no so many suss people.


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                Eurail was great value.

                Sure, compared with cheap-ass people like Ryanair etc it might seem more exxy.
                But a few things that make it worth while:

                No weight costs (cheap flights = low allowance and very $$$ to get more kilos)
                No stupid security screening = doesnt take 3 hours to get on a plane for a 30min flight
                Being able to see the country side and enjoy your holiday.

                Mizer - Eurail pass is valid in Czech, as we used it to get to Prague and back and travel within Czech.


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                  I had a quote from a few travel agents over here before I went, but found that most had restrictions on when yo could use the tickets. I bought all my tickets at rail stations as I wanted them and saved a fortune......


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                    Haven't travelled through Europe on a train but did southern Italy from Rome. Its a great way to see the countryside. Was the cheapest way to go in Italy.

                    Surely the train would be cheaper than coach?? And flying? Well its all over so quickly, you don't seem to take much in up there.

                    Its always cheaper to buy train tickets as you need them, cut out the middle man.

                    Hope you have a great trip.
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                      We looked at eurorail pass and was expensive. Just buying tickets as you need them is a cheap option.

                      We never traveled in a sleeper, so don't know about the risks there, but found the normal class of travel fine and first not worth the money.

                      We got a couple of really cheap tickets asking for discount prices on the day. For some reason Munich to Frankfurt was expensive and it turned out cheaper to hire an Audi A3 and drive with one way drop off.

                      Bus is sometimes cheap.


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                        Thanks for the advice and links.

                        I might buy a cheap car or bike to get around between countries and use the local public transport to get around cities.


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                          Originally posted by datsikk View Post

                          I might buy a cheap car or bike to get around between countries....
                          Does anyone know what the legalities are of buying a cheap car or bike in Europe and then driving it around the place between countries?
                          How difficult is it? I've got a few friends in London and Germany who can help me out with the purchase, I'm just concerned about how difficult it is to get around and make border crossings etc etc

                          I'm looking at a round-the-world trip mid next year with a couple of friends... For the Europe section we are tossing up between buying an old car/van, bikes, flying or bus/train...


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                            I have done Europe twice by train. Both times by Eurail, both times first class.

                            It is an excellent way to travel. Much more interesting than flying IMHO. You get to see people going about their normal weekly travel. See places you wouldn't otherwise see, and you can just walk on, and walk off.

                            It's worth the price for how easy it is.

                            The only drawback to not having personal transport, is that there are places it is hard (or just inconvenient) to go by public transport.

                            If you are going city to city, and have the time to sit on the train, then do it.

                            If you go to switzerland, it will get you free travel on the Golden Pass Panoramic trains - first class on those gives a view that is simply amazing (glass right the way up to the ceiling, and further)
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                              DO NOT USE BUSES you will waste a lot of time