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  • What a way to go...

    Poor bastard.

    A GERMAN worker was boiled alive in an empty industrial-sized soup vat while trying to clean it, tabloid newspaper Bild reported.
    The 36-year-old, named only as Markus, was scrubbing the two-metre-high pot when the lid accidentally closed, automatically starting the jets of boiling water used to disinfect vegetables.
    "For reasons we have still not cleared up, the disinfection process started too soon," a police spokesman told the paper.
    By the time the unfortunate worker was found, he was already dead, Bild reported.
    The factory in Luebeck in northern Germany, which employs around 200 people, has been "provisionally closed," according to its owners, Erasco - a subsidiary of US soup-maker Campbell's.
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    thats horrible
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      Horrible thing to happen, no following of best practice going on there.

      Isolate big dangerous shit before working on it.
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        Campbells big n chunky?

        Seriously though, poor guy...wouldn't have been quick either.

        But boiled..

        would he have burnt or drowned first?
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          Originally posted by Sulph View Post
          would he have burnt or drowned first?
          Combination of both I would suspect.

          Inhaling steam at that temperature, fill lungs with boiling hot water = fucked.

          Note: I am not a doctor, I don't even play one on television.
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            horrendous death, fuck!


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              oh fuck....poor Markus. Glad I'm not a fan of premade soups.
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                mmmmmmmm, soup.
                If cleanliness is next to godliness, why was jesus a dirty sandal-wearing beardo?


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                  At a boxed beef factory (one step removed from a slaughterhouse) in Calgary, a worker dropped his glasses into the hopper that feed the meat mincer. He reached down to get them, and ended up going through the machine. NOTE: event happened more than thirty years ago.


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                    Guess what? I've got a fever, and the only prescription is more cowbell!


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                      You wanna hear about a terrible way to go?

                      Flywheel bisection.

                      "We had powered-up the flywheel and was preparing to test yet another combination of bearings, magnets, and high tensile frame structure. It was giving off a most pleasant thrum and there was hardly any deviation in the floating axis. Suddenly there was a weird sounding pop, and the warning systems came on-line. This shut down the power to the flywheel and engaged the slow-brake to power down the spin. Unfortunately this was too little and too late. The floating axis shifted and sent harmonic vibrations throughout the support structure. With an ear-piercing squeal the highly spinning metal gave off its death cry. The device literally came apart sending shrapnel in a vector perpendicular to the common axis of the flywheel. The safety shield that incased the device did not live up to its design as the debris tore through it like so much tissue paper. Unfortunately there was a fellow standing in front of it when this happened. Like a scene out of some sick horror flick, he was instantly split from crotch to forehead. Considering the amount of damage, it was amazing that we suffered only the one death.

                      The project was canceled shortly after that.

                      …as interesting as this article is, I wish that I had not read the damn thing. It brought back bad memories. Memories that are just as vivid as if it just happened. I was standing next to him, and as he fell I tried to catch him… "

                      Yeah, didn't think so.
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                        I'd take instant death over the minutes of agony that is being boiled alive
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                          Crazy Germans....oh wai....shit way to go...
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                            Originally posted by barfridge View Post
                            I'd take instant death over the minutes of agony that is being boiled alive

                            ....depends...... if the steam was hot enough, he may have died within seconds.
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                              Originally posted by Cam View Post
                              Horrible thing to happen, no following of best practice going on there.

                              Isolate big dangerous shit before working on it.


                              someone's arse should get REAMED for failing to properly isolate the gear, or removing isolation tags if they were fitted....

                              if the dude cleaning didn't isolate properly... sorry but thats darwinism at work...
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