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Getting into audio mixing - any help?

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    Yep gone are the day's when Beat mixing was an art form, By that I mean no BPM meters no loops .The Technic's SL1200 was the norm and the Denon was the Cd player of choice.
    Now day's man take your pick.either way you will have fun ,drive the neighbours mental.Personly Ive used Traktor,serato for mpr Djing cubase VST ,Classic rebirth and Reason for productiono and SL1200's/SL1210's and Pioneer'/ Denon CD playersfor CD's.But it all depends on what you wont to do and what you wont to spend,If turntables are your thing ,stay away from belt drive and pick direct drives this will save alot of pain.As for CD/Mp3 player's man if you get a Numark,Denon,stanton,pioneer stand alone player at least you will get the vinyl feel of things at least the way you cue, slow / speed the tracks upback sin and all that.

    If any thing buy a good set of head phones decent monitor/ speaker and remember it kills your ears.PS Man i wish the guy behind my house would learn how to mix because Faaaaaaaaaaark its like a train crash every weakend and quite painfull.
    Any way hope it helps,and yep Im 34 and its time to grow up well the wife thinks so


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      Just thought I'd revive this as some of you may be interested in this thread