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PSB Dogs - a tribute to the tail waggers

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  • PSB Dogs - a tribute to the tail waggers

    Behind every bike sits a faithful bow-wow.

    Devout dog lovers post a pic of your woofer and give us the download on what makes them special.

    Here's an example;

    Name: Sprocket
    Pet Hate: trolls
    Obsessions: barking at posties
    Nautiest Deed: eating the neighbours cat
    Favourite Pastime: sleeping
    Favourite Toy: tennis balls
    Etc, etc..

    PSB - Parade your pooches!

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    Originally posted by officer down View Post
    Name: Sprocket
    Pet Hate: trolls


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      Originally posted by Desmogod View Post
      haha, I am sure that he can stand some trolls


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        Name: Nhala
        Breed: Ridgeback/Pitbull
        Sex: Female
        Hates: Handguns and Seagulls
        Naughtiest Deed: Ate Double bed, 2 double couches
        Job (was): Child protection
        Job (now): Retired
        Favourite pasttime: Farting
        It has a dual purpose. ~ Tom Smitheringale


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          Name: Cody
          Pet Hate: none, the dog loves everything
          Obsessions: none yet
          Nautiest Deed: buries everything: toys, bones, his bed
          Favourite Pastime: following me around the house
          Favourite Toy: tennis balls/some thing that beeps we got free with dog food


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            Bull Arab?
            It has a dual purpose. ~ Tom Smitheringale


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              Perth Dogforum???



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                Most recent dog
                Name: Lotus
                Pet Hate: Other humans, cats, vacuum cleaner.
                Obsessions: blocking doorways with rawhide bones, pillows, pig ears and water bowls then growling (playfully) at people attempting to walk through the barricade.
                Naughtiest Deed: (weekly event) when left unattended, eating my dinner from lounge table.
                Favourite Pastime: sniffing/barking at things.
                Favourite Toy: tennis ball (for chewing.. apparently fetch is a stupid game that involved lotus wondering why the hell I was throwing her ball over there and then repeatedly staring at me and sighing until I went and retrieved it.)


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                  Name : Rex
                  Pet Hate: Being kicked off the bed/couch
                  Favorite pastime : sleeping
                  Best trick : sleeping through anything.

                  Can you help with foster care?


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                    Originally posted by Maxo View Post
                    Pet Hate: Other humans, cats, vacuum cleaner.

                    There's something about vacuum cleaners that drives a dog bonkers.

                    What breed is that Maxo?


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                      I really miss having a dog! More than anything! I want one sooo badly! So please keep the pics coming! They all look so sweet!
                      Splling n grammaz rebel fo lyfe. Wotevs homoez.


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                        Originally posted by Shortfuse View Post
                        Bull Arab?
                        If that was directed at me he's a black lab x pointer


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                          Originally posted by officer down View Post
                          There's something about vacuum cleaners that drives a dog bonkers.

                          What breed is that Maxo?
                          chow chow.. Possibly mixed with something else.


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                            [ame=]YouTube - Sandy The Smiling Greyhound[/ame]
                            heres my greyhound sandy
                            like lots of sleep
                            dislikes thunder and storms and getting up

                            little background
                            Sandy is mostly Greyhound, with a dash of unknown. I found her roaming a highway with no ID, and looking a little worse for wear.

                            We have taken Sandy into our home and hearts, she is a beautiful dog who has been somewhat mistreated. From what we can gather, she may have been used for kangaroo hunting, as she goes mental at kangaroos, and is covered in scars. Sandy has a meltdown whenever she hears loud bangs, she grinds her teeth, she cowers and whimpers, and she cannot keep still when this happens, pacing constantly. She also suffers from nightmares every time she sleeps, running in her sleep (while laying down) and cries or barks. We gently wake her when this happens, and as a result, she appears to be relieved, and "smiles". This is what the video is about.

                            Sandy is a very loving dog, and it took a little coaxing, but now she is playful, runs up to see us when we get home, and is wonderful with our other dog and the children. She has even started to shape up as a guard dog. All she needed was for someone to love her, and not treat her like dirt. She will not come inside unless invited, waits patiently for her food (unless she is famished, in which case you get a lil nudge under your arm for your troubles!) and is happy to sleep on the softest spot in the house for as long as we let her.


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                              My ex racing greyhound lucy

                              Likes: sleeping

                              Dislikes: being awake