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Perth - living in the Dark Ages?

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  • Perth - living in the Dark Ages?

    Is Perth behind with the times? Do you prefer the way it is at the moment, or do you think WA needs to catch up a bit?
    If it ain't broke, don't fix it.
    WA needs to lift it's game and catch up.
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    completely backwards, and peversely proud of it
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      Alot of WA for Change...............................Western Australian Politicians and Typical TT watching WA'ians

      :shablon_02: ............................................
      Christianity... It's just one woman's lie about having an affair that got seriously out of hand.


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        It really needs to catch up, especially the metro areas and CBD as far as modern design and architecture goes. Trading hours etc all living in the 70's. A poorly conceived transport system, would have been better to keep the old tram network.

        Leave rural areas, love getting away to remote places. Just FFS Perth keep up with the rest of the modern world.
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          Trading hours and LAMS. That is all. I don't want DLS or robots to wipe my ass.
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            trading hours to 7 on weeknights and midday on sunday.

            Thats about it really.

            Oh and some new leaders with new ideas. not the same old stuff that just gets recycled.

            Dont like it, move.
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              Bit of both I suppose. There are some things I'd like to see change (trading hours and better infrastructure & transport system) but I like how laid back Perth is.


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                Originally posted by Grantlington View Post
                Dont like it, move.
                The biggest drawback to Perth is the influx of whingers...

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                  Yep, I'm backwards and proud of it. Why this constant incessant whingeing that we have to become like everyone else.
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                    Way to backward IMO.
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                      You put the c*nt in country run


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                        How you gunna pay for sheet if you dun haf no moneys bro

                        we gotta support the largest state with buggerall people


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                          Originally posted by barfridge View Post
                          completely backwards, and peversely proud of it

                          Just out of curiosity...

                          How many of the people who say ''we are retarded and backward but I love it'' has lived in a more foward city recently. I'm not talking being there for a holiday, also 20 years ago might not count.

                          Any opinions why the perth backwardness is so ''charming''?

                          Just want to make sure people who say the previous comment actually have had a benchmark to compare perth to, otherwise those opinions have no substance.


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                            oh daise,
                            you have become a whinging pom already.... lol


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                              Originally posted by jme View Post
                              oh daise, you have become a troll ....