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    regardless of who or what was to blame, It would have been better to run the race,that way the fans and tv companies get what they wanted.
    I don't think anyone in the world would have wanted to watch a 6 car procession...
    Think about 2 Jordan's and 2 Minardi's in the top six...... Would anyone really regard that as a result ??? ( outside of Paul Stodart and Eddie Jordan )

    Michellin build a good tyre,But there was some doubt as to what caused Ralf's tyre to fail. So as a precaution Michellin pulled the pin....Was that really such a bad thing to do ???? Who want's to be responsable for the next F1 fatality ???

    I'd for one would always back the person with enough balls to stand up in the main areana and admit " were not sure so rather than risk 14 drivers and thousands of fans lives we're not racing unless we control the risk" ie, chicane


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      Originally posted by Ice@Jun 21 2005, 06:47 PM
      Nothing has been changed for the better since.  The only way to attempt to correct the farce F1 has become is by taking it all back about 8 years. 

      The sport is being slowly but surely destroyed. 

      I don't agree with the chicane idea as it is ridiculous to suggest that the circuit should have been changed because one manufacturer can't get their shit together. 


      You make some excellent points. I think that with every ill conceived rule change F1 and the Bernie and Max show are losing credibility.

      It is hard to imagine that they have any clue how to guide F1 into the future.

      F1 has been going down hill for some years now. I think that the whole qualifying debarcle (a different, crappier system each year) serves to highlight the level of incompetence that exists in F! management.

      I say put Tony Cochrane in charge!


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        Originally posted by Lester@Jun 23 2005, 05:42 PM
        I say put Tony Cochrane in charge!
        Oh yeah so that can make it as clinicly boring as V8 racing.....he has them all running around like little school boys scared to move incase they bump into someone......


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          Originally posted by Gordo@Jun 23 2005, 07:05 PM
          Oh yeah so that can make it a clinicly boring as V8 racing.....he has them all running around like little school boys scared to move incase they bump into someone......

          nah... i will pay that hes made it a bit too sterile in terms of passing, but, the v8s are still a good circus. i enjoy them. I think drivers should be able to yell and scream and express themselves better and more often tho. the emotion of drivers is half the fun.
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            Michelin could not guarantee their tyres after 13 laps, sounds like their fault. I blame michelin for not accepting the FIA's options, michelin drivers get speed trapped, they take a time penalty, they swap tyres every 10 laps, they change their aero kit. Instead they try to slow the cars without problems (6) totally in the clear. This is not a one tyre one manufacturer competition. Michelin just lost a lot of reputation in the states. Michelins fault. As for being too sterile, god they need to have more overtaking because atm f1 = zzzzzzzzzz. Remember monaco where heidfeld and webber had to do a dangerous overtake because that goddamn renault (alonso) (which should have been blue flagged) was blocking them even though it was obviously slower, if the track had more overtaking points maybe that would not be the case and instead of dangerous overtaking moves they could have been out earlier