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How good are cordless tools?

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    Thanks for all the input.
    Its only for home use so it wont see much action.
    In saying that I do tackle the odd bigger job, so need to know that the tools will be up to the challenge.

    Ive locked myself into the Hitachi 18V gear, since its what I already have, and its worked really well for me so far.

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      just remember, you get what you pay for... buy cheap shit, you may aswell give it to ur kids for their birthday, but buy decent 12-18v tools and you'll find yourself looking for excuses to use them...

      oh and the makita cordless drill comes with a spare battery and a torch (really handy if you live in fucked up armadale and get a powercut every 5 minutes)
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        Originally posted by Hartfield View Post
        Aphex are you serious? Mate I would like to see you build a roof with just cordless gear on site. I have a few cordless tools, but you cant beat the real tools. In my opinion alot of the cordless tools are just toys, but dont get me wrong they are very handy to have, but dont have the power to be efficiant on site.
        you obviously dont go on building sites then. all our guys ONLY use cordless now. hilti / dewalt /panasonic. awesome.

        nowadays with the OHS safety crap, corded tools are too much hassle with cords, trip hazards, JSA's, etc. our guys drill into concrete all day long with hilti TE5's, drill holes into 2mm steel, cut rod/5mm angle, etc all day, every day with cordless tools.

        and they last longer too.

        btw. all the roof carpenters i know only use cordless tools - cordless saws, cordless (gas) nailguns, cordless TEK drills, etc


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          Bought my 14.4volt Makita when it was the most powerful you could buy back in the '90's. It's still running today although it could do with a couple of new batteries. It's not like I haven't used it either. It's been worked hard over the years but the best job it did was when I had to get on the roof in the middle of a cyclone and Tec-screw the sheets back down.

          Ah, good memories...
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            love my cordless drill.

            best thing i tried was my mates dewalt cordless vaccuum....fukn brilliant when you've gotta drill a hole in a wall/ceiling without dropping shit all over the place. batteries dont last too long though
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