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    Originally posted by Sean'o View Post
    Pointless watching it now, thanks arsehole.
    Oh, fkn harden up.

    1st Aussie win in F1 since 1981. Good to see.
    Not to mention overcoming a drive-through penalty, as well. Awesome stuff.
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    Amen, brother. Amen.
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      Awesome news! Lives up to his name, slowly cooked but with a delicious result (and unlike our Christmas party last year the roasts aren't burnt to a cinder), massive thumbs up
      Originally posted by Koola
      Someone sig this.


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        I watched this race last night, it was fantastic to see an Aussie on the top step of the podium. On ya Webber, hopefully this is the start of a trend, seeing as he seems to be in a car which will last more then 1 lap now.
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          Yay! He always seems to have sh1t luck - cars breaking down, getting punted off in the first corner and so on. Even as far back as when the Mercedes CLK GTR flipped over backwards before he was in F1. It's good to see things go his way for once!
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