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  • Snakes

    I was out at a reptile shop the other day looking for a breeding partner for my carpet python and i saw another guy in the store with a helmet. Got me thinking. People that ride bikes are tapped in the head, and so are people that own reptiles, so i was wondering if anyone on here had any.

    Maybe any other unusual pets too.

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    I have always wanted to have a snake as a pat be pretty cool


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      yeah they are great.

      during summer they only need to be fed once every 7-10 days. during winter its not uncommon for them to go months without feeding at all.

      that and they make a great lounge room attraction. you just need to be wary that some people are not fans and freaking them out isnt a great idea.


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        snakegirl has a couple believe it or not....


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          Yeah I have a bit of a collection
          2 carpet pythons
          2 black headed pythons
          11 Stimpsons Pythons

          Have had clutches of eggs for 3 years now, with about 50 hatched so far.
          Stay up to date with my attempts at BlueTang Breeding here


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            I have a 2yr SW Carpet Python

            Are you are reptile trader CaptCrash?


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              Can anyone post up some links going over the basics of snake care? I've always wanted one but never known where to start.


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                My son would like to talk to you all abut how to convince his mother snakes are cool . Ain't gunna happen me thinks.


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                  I have a SW Carpet, she'd be around 3 years old methinks.. I'll be looking to breed her in the next few years. I've had her since she was a hatchling and there's several photos of her throughout PSB. She's even been to parties!

                  I'm also looking at getting some more reptiles soon, probably monitors.

                  Polony, they're a very rewarding pet. Here's a good WA reptile forum, and here are some good care sheets for different reptiles.. Happy hunting
                  >>I like to play with snakes<<

                  "The most exciting phrase to hear in science, the one that heralds new discoveries, is not 'Eureka!' but 'That's funny...'" - Isaac Asimov


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                    Out of curiosity do you find your snakes have lots of personality? Are they active pets?


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                      Originally posted by Crimson View Post
                      Out of curiosity do you find your snakes have lots of personality? Are they active pets?
                      all depends what you mean by personality. you can certainly see different temperaments in snakes.

                      some may argue with me, but i dont think snakes particularly enjoy being handled in the way a dog likes affection. some will be happy with it and climb over you and not show any signs of distress at all. others however will never be great handlers and will be snappy for ever. others still will change temperaments over time.

                      i have been lucky enough to have one that is a great handler, but i tend not to over do it too much. believe it or not, snakes can get stressed, and over handling is believed by some to cause it if the snake is not particularly fond of it.

                      as far as them being active, it can vary from individual to individual.

                      Carpets are arboreal so tend to be on display a little more cos they climb in the enclosure, where stimsons are terrestrial, so will tend to spend more time in a hide box on the ground.

                      others with more experience may be able to answer better than that though.


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                        thread needs lots of pics!


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                          have a stimpson. just a youngen at about 18month old.
                          euphoric, ZRX1200R, XSR900, XR400


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                            how do people feel about their snakes being out and about? i told off a friend a few months ago who took a snake to the pub and it was used as a prop on stage. my feeling was that the drums and vibrations etc would stress it. and doesn't the permit basicly say snake must stay at home (and out of bedrooms) unless being transported to vet etc?
                            just wondering.
                            euphoric, ZRX1200R, XSR900, XR400


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                              Anyone of you guys ever taken your pet snakes over your shoulder while on the bike? Pretty sure that'll freak a lotta people on streets.

                              Not a big fan of snakes myself, coz I once got bitten by one while I was 8. Was a bit of nasty experience back then.