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Someone on PSB have a win last night?

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  • Someone on PSB have a win last night?

    A few ppl in WA took home some lotto winnings last night.
    it wasnt the big one but alot won minor sections

    we might see some new bikes or bling on the old ones?
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    Will check at lunch time, i dont play offen but i guess you got to be in it to win it

    Nothing, oh well.

    On a related topic my old man has been payn lotto for close to 40 years and he hasnt won more then few hundred bucks. He plays every single week and few times a week. Knowing his crappy luck i can see him hit a jackpot when he is too old to spend it, i am sure i would be able to help him out
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      $160 worth of tickets to check at home. Finger's crossed.
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        nothing for me. In fact, I've never before had a ticket that got so few numbers


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          I've never had a win. Ever.


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            Nothing for us here.
            Although I know someone on PSB who had enough to buy something shiny...
            c o o l s t o r y b r o


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              My best game was the powerball and one number. I guess that qualifies me for sweet stuff all.


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                won of the guys at work won $6000... he wasnt keen on putting it towards my new ride though...

                he had 4 numbers and the powerball...
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                  i love how many more people buy tickets when its a huge 13 million isnt worth wasting time on.

                  only ever really bought scratchies and had a huge win of 15 bucks on one of them.

                  bought me a few more scratchies......eventually turned into no money at all.