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Drag me to hell (MOVIE) **MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS**

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  • Drag me to hell (MOVIE) **MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS**

    What did you think of it?

    I thought it was going to be an awesome movie but turned out average, very average. I couldn't help but criticise a few things like the sound effects, e.g when the pots n pans are blowing in the wind, they make all this racket and then the audio suddenly stops but the pots are still moving at the same speed.

    The ending was VERY predictable, So predictable I was starting to think surely they won't do that? It wouldn't of been so bad if it was at the VERY end, not with 15-20 mins still go of pointless story.

    I don't think people constantly talking helped though, Anyway it was above average apart from that
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    Sam Raimi. 'nuff said
    My mum always used to say, when life hands you lemons "kill mob within spell duration with a soul gem of adequate quality for the mob's level to trap its soul"


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      I thought it was gonna be decent, boy how wrong was I.

      Most boring and predictible movie i've seen in a while...and that's saying something.
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