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Happy Birthday Wifey

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  • Happy Birthday Wifey

    she won't read this but oh well ...

    Nola (my better half) turns 30 today . I believe women hit their prime at 30 and I can't fucking wait

    I'm in the good books because I had the present ready this morning and got the little man to walk in to the room with them (yes plural presents ladies, lads take note).

    Coming up together for 14 years this October ... i'd be out on good behaviour for murder by now

    anyway happy birthday sweetie I love you

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    Viper: Nola won't "hit her peak" this year, as you so eloquently put it. 30 is when she will start to reach the peak of her prime. If you continue to look after the mother of your child, I predict good things in your future for years to come.

    Nola: I know putting up with Viper for another day is a unfair way to celebrate your birthday, please do not hesitate to contact me if he does not totally spoil you in the manner you so clearly deserve. Should you require it, I live in Ellenbrook and am willing able to come over and slap him at short notice.

    Best wishes for the year ahead.