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  • MuNch & Teenie In Margs

    Hey Guys

    Just got back from a few days down in Margs and thought I would share some pics we took on our travels.

    We stayed at a little beach house called 'Blu Peter'. The beach house it situtated in Prevelly, that is approximately 10 minutes drive west from Margaret River townsite. The house itself seemed to be an old run-down beach house when it came into the current owners posession. However the effort put in to restoring it to its former glory is just well worth it. It is a gorgeous beach house in every sense of the word.

    Our favourite beach is always Redgate beach, we got married there a year and a half ago but we always go back each year. The photo opportunities at Redgate beach are endless. Redgate beack is located approximately 15 minutes south from Prevelly.

    Tuesday found us popping into Saracen Estate which also houses the new Duckstein brewery on premises. They have done a magnificent job with the new estate and the new Duckstein looks absolutely fantastic. The attention to detail found in the construction is breathtaking, im now a big fan of copper highlights.

    Yes, i bought a case

    After the stopoff there we made our way back to Margaret River town for some lunch at the new Must Winebar in the centre of town. The lunch time deal was awesome, $55 for two people with two courses each and a glass of wine. The food was great and the wine was perfect however the service left much to be desired. We arrived and was greeted with the feeling that the waitress had something much better to do. I won't be returning simply because of the service. For those who don't know, MUST used to be the old VAT107 until the new owners bought out VAT107+the winebar next door to convert the whole place into MUST.

    We managed to head down to Prevelly beach, we had never been there before but it definetly offered much in terms of photo opportunity.

    Cheers for having a look


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    aaw, you guys are so cute

    Gorgeous photos Ben
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      Some great shots.

      Roxy sounds hot.


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        Great shots peeps!

        A beautiful little corner of the planet down there and the best time of year to go I reckon.


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          Nice photos mate.


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            Very nice! The pics capture the mood of a relaxing weekend away perfectly!
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              Great picks mate, but ease up on the romance please. My wife will read these and then I've had it!


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                Nice Ben

                I'm a simple man with simple pleasures, so I was sold after the 1st photo with a poster showing boobies tehehehe.
                I like the last one where J is reading you a bedtime story to

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                  beautiful. Thanks for sharing you two!
                  Originally posted by Red_is_Best
                  hahah I hate it when they do that and you make some noises like you had it done just last year, then they give you that look, like you are a bad vagina owner and you should take better care of it!


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                    great photos dude


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                      very nice.....great photos...thanks for sharing


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                        Great photos Ben, Hope that bed got some action!
                        and Justine doesn't come on these forums anymore


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                          Awesome photos


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                            Nice photos man

                            We were down at Bunker Bay over the weekend, popped into Saracen, very nicely put together.

                            Next time you're down in Margs, go to a winery called Brown Hill, best red's I've had in ages, and the owner is a laugh, a real cellar door


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                              Awwwww gorgeous! It looks like you have cut those pics straight out of a glamorous magazine!

                              What a lovely break - happy birthday and anniversary too!