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how to increase your reading speed

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  • how to increase your reading speed

    Scientific Speed Reading: How to Read 300% Faster in 20 Minutes
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    wow cant wait to try it out, thanks a bunch
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      Sorry, couldn't help myself
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        Sounds great in theory for gathering the quick facts. I'm not so sure of it's merit in relation to reading a technical document and walking away with a very accurate understanding of the subject (especially a page every 10 seconds).

        I guess when reading a classis you'll skim over and miss all the wonderful nuances the author has taken the time to write for your reading pleasure. I mean a speed reader could probably get through Catcher In The Rye extremely quickly and tell you it was a story about some kid leaving his school and hanging around for a day and night in the city. For shame!

        The person who takes their time to read it will get so much more out of it. Just an example.

        I can see this method being useful for newspapers and the like, even helpful to people with dyslexia, but it seems just another part of our rushed society, another way to do something quickly, whilst removing all the pleasure. After all isn't that why we read most of the time? That and to learn.
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