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  • A3 Colour printing

    Hi all, I need some printing done for MAD and was hopeful someone knew someone or could help out.

    I need 50-100 A3 Colour posters printed ASAP (this week).

    I have a quote for $195ex GST which I presume is OK... if anyone can do better please let me know.

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    Brougham much?
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      His printer might be a bit fancy.. but i will ask when he is back.


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        yeah, Brougham deals in photo stuff, we'd be better off at a regular printer
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          Was the 195 for 50 or 100?


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            100 A3 full colour single sided.


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              Rather than create a new thread...

              I'm after a place that can do A3 colour print onto (preferably) glossy paper, not thick card.

              Have done some looking about and the best seems to be OfficeJerks who wanted about $3.50 per page. This normal? When did printing some stuff on some tree bits get so expensive >:/


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                Originally posted by Lozzle View Post
                When did printing some stuff on some tree bits get so expensive >:/
                what is it? just normal colour photocopying? or a photo print?


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                  Nothing special like photos, I will PM you