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Biker saved by longjump

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  • Biker saved by longjump

    A motorcyclist said his quick reaction in jumping into the bed of a moving pickup truck during a traffic crash on I-77 is what saved his life Wednesday night.

    Not only was his life spared, but Carl L. Brewer, 27, of Canton told The Times-Reporter Thursday that he suffered no injuries and was feeling fine.

    State troopers of the Ohio Highway Patrol post at New Philadelphia said Brewer was traveling south on I-77 in Dover Township at about 11:30 p.m. when his motorcycle hit the rear of a pickup truck driven by Michael A. Fantin, 38, of E. High Ave., New Philadelphia.

    Brewer said he was traveling at about 80 mph when a deer ran into his path, and he immediately grabbed the front brake and clutch. The motorcycle started to flip and “I had to let go of the brakes and then jumped into the back of the pickup,” Brewer said.

    Fantin estimated his speed at about 70 mph, and told The Times-Reporter that he was passing a semi truck at the time of the accident.

    Fantin added that he had seen a motorcycle headlight “coming fast,” then heard a loud bang. “I turned my head around and saw him in the back,” he said of his newly acquired passenger.

    Troopers noted that Brewer’s motorcycle overturned after he was ejected and came to rest in the median of the four-lane highway.

    Fantin immediately pulled into the median and said Brewer jumped out of the truck and ran back to the motorcycle, telling other motorists who had stopped that everything was all right.

    Fantin said the accident was quite unusual, adding that he and others at the scene agreed that the open bed of his truck was what had saved Brewer’s life.

    Troopers cited Brewer for operating a vehicle while intoxicated and failure to maintain an assured clear distance.
    Jump may have saved motorcyclist - New Philadelphia, OH - The Times-Reporter

    Nice move.
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    not a bad effort for someone intoxicated :p
    Originally posted by Bendito
    If we get to a stop and we are missing a dozen bikes and you are last, it was your fault. Don't be that guy. No one likes that guy.


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      I don't remember being taught how to do that when I was going for my R-E.