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A GTIL that deserves it's own topic

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  • A GTIL that deserves it's own topic

    After 4 months of unemployment, I finally found a new job!

    The job market here is beyond shite at the moment. I've been applying for dozens of jobs daily, with less than 5% callback rate.

    Last week I went for two interviews, one an admin role which I could've done blindfolded, and an entry-level accounts role.

    I heard back about the admin role yesterday, and was told I was almost chosen, but due to my bookkeeping certificate, the company was scared that I'd get bored and move on. WTF? It had put me in a questionable position - I can't get an admin role (that I have the skills for) because of my bookkeeping cert, but I can't get a finance role because I don't have the practical experience

    So at about 5pm, I get a call about the accounts junior role - and I got it!!!

    FINALLY someone has offered to give me a chance. It's a shit pay, but my new boss is willing to teach me everything I need to know about working in an accounts department.

    And now for the bonus bits!

    The office is located in Oxford Circus! Shopping!!!!!! There's a bus that will take me from my house to practically the front door.

    And the office itself? OMG :o (what you can't see is the autographed guitars by Nirvana and the Chilli Peppers in the reception area)

    Originally posted by vk6hgr
    My Hyosung couldn't do that speed if it was dropped in from orbit.

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    Originally posted by Daise View Post
    A GTIL that deserves it's own topic
    cool office though.
    If cleanliness is next to godliness, why was jesus a dirty sandal-wearing beardo?


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      So you're working at ikea..?
      Originally posted by Desmo
      Why be a cunt about it?


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        argh, that's a bit bright.

        But congrats! Just don't spend your paycheck before you make it home.
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          grats on the job

          those bright colours must be murder on monday mornings


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            You're working for the Wiggles?
            Congrats on the job!

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              Good for you, but those offices look like torture to me.

              Too many colours and straight lines...
              Originally posted by Ferris
              I love how PSB has turned into "Dear Martha"

              Figure shit out yourselves, retards.


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                There's mood lights in the walls.

                MOOD LIGHTS!

                And you guys should know me by now that the office decor suits me
                Originally posted by vk6hgr
                My Hyosung couldn't do that speed if it was dropped in from orbit.


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                  Did the telly tubbies throw up in there?




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                    Work hard Cwazy Daise...great opportunity not often given it seems. congrats girl!
                    Originally posted by Red_is_Best
                    hahah I hate it when they do that and you make some noises like you had it done just last year, then they give you that look, like you are a bad vagina owner and you should take better care of it!


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                      that office does not deserve its own thread...

                      that decor is most certainly NOT a GTIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
                      I just threw up in my mouth a little...

                      but hey, congrats on the job


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                        But don't go to work brains hurts just from the photos.
                        Originally posted by Amac
                        suck me on the hat you mole fucker, steroid affected me cock


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                          Well done Daise, now don't fuck it up


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                            Well done is it at Google?

                            This thread gives me an Idea though, I buy a guitar, fake sign it with removable ink then write it off on tax as art for the office.
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                              Well done Daise! To date your exasperated humour in your job search adventures belies the bleak employment conditions in London at the moment. You have perservered and it has (finally) paid off.

                              Now get out there and knock 'em dead with your special brand of Corina-ness (TM). I'm not going to complain about the decor, I think the colour scheme will appear quite subdued once the self-confessed queen of kitsch makes herself at home... I won't keep you too long, even from here I can the whispers of retail therpay calling for you, like sirens from the shore.
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