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  • The value of life...

    A friend of mine posted this on his FB account. So what do you think?

    Many years ago my mother told me she thought Arabs did not value life as we in the west did. Obviously i was a bit taken back by this; I'm generally of the opinion that the people value it differently regardless of culture.

    I'm often inclined to think back to that statement when i see things around me, day to day. I can see people putting differing values on their own lives. The way some folk drive their cars, those that smoke, people who ride bikes without helmets and Celine Dion fans. All these folk are doing stuff that may shorten or affect their quality of life. but does this mean they value it any less than the next soul? Maybe what people do is enhance their living while they are here despite the risk of a shorter stay?

    Over the past month the isle of man TT has been conducted. It's one of the worlds great motorcycling events, held at a mountainous tax haven in the Irish sea. It's raced on roads used by the general pubic most of the year. A lap is 60km that will take a champion on a good bike about 18 minutes. Over the years the race has claimed many who met with lamp posts, stone walls and trees while traveling faster than their body could manage. In 2005 nine people were killed competing in the various races held over the event. But still riders and spectators flock in the thousands.

    Given most years someone is killed, do you think these people have a lower value of life than the rest of us? Or are they just making the most of their short stay on this rock? Or maybe the bikes are loud enough to drown out the sound of Celine Dion?

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    There's a famous quote: you are never more alive than when you are close to death.

    There's more to life than looking forward to a nice comfortable nursing home.
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      One day as a lion. I'm sure most of us will do what we can to stay here longer, but mainly so we can enjoy the things we do, not simply for the sake of staying longer.

      *Until, of course, there is family/significant other/kids to consider. I know a few people who've hopped off their bikes because they don't want to take the risk of their kid growing up without a dad. You can see it in their eyes that they still long to ride, and once the kids are self sufficient, they'll be back
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