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    Which is the best?

    I must say, I'm not over keen on mass produced Aussie beer, and tend to stick to German/Dutch/European beers. Kiwi's produce some nice beers.

    So what's your tipple?

    My top ten in no particular order:


    Becks (Imported)



    Uberbrau ($35 per case in liquorland)

    Toohey's Pils (easy drinking Aussie beer)

    Little Creatures Pale Ale (just one or two, i couldn't have a full session on it)

    Joseph Holt Bitter (Manchester only beer. Looking forward to my trip back to UK soon)

    Speights Distinction (NZ)

    Mac's Gold (NZ)

    Could list plenty more, but will stop at 10.

    Edited to add Peroni. I love Peroni.
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    The best beer is the one you like the most.

    Contrary to popular belief, it is not the one that someone else tells you to like or gets awarded some wankish ribbon or medal.

    But dont let me be a Buzz Killington, Carry on.

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      Honest to god, when I come home, nothing has ever done a better job of refreshment than cascade light, and it goes fucking amazing with a meat pie. It really is the perfect beer for me.

      Oh and the one beer I hate more than all others is heineken. Fuckin terrible shit.
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        Emu Export.
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        Figure shit out yourselves, retards.


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          I used to work with the guy who was head brewer for James Squire, i dont like beer that much but i learnt alot about it while working with him. I dont mind the Squire golden ale. Heinekin isnt too bad either but i never have more than a few beers
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            It's too hard, it's like asking me to pick my favourite child!

            So I'll stick to styles
            1. Belgian Trappist (Abbey) Strong Ale. Big, malt driven with heaps of character from the yeasts used. Something like Rochefort 10 or Westvletern 12 makes me a happy man
            2. Stupidly overhopped American Imperial Ales - anything from the likes of Stone, Alesmith, Rogue
            3. Baltic Porter - Okocim Porter is a great one
            4. A well crafted mild ale - packing a beer full of body and flavour is difficult when it only brews out to 3-3.5%
            5. Czech pilsener - malty, hoppy and refershing
            6. Russian Imperial Stout
            7. Oktoberfest / Marzen
            8. ESB (extra special bitter)
            9. Vienna lager
            10. Gueuze
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              I'm loving my IPAs ATM.


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                Redback followed by Hoegaarden. I love my witbiers.

                Then James Squire, Little Creatures and Coopers. etc. etc.

                I'm a big fan of the expensive Aussie beers.


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                  Originally posted by vk6hgr
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                    Too many to choose from.
                    Usually depends on weather and mood.

                    Probably lean towards pils and IPA's more.
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                      Normally the first one you start with...can't switch beers mid session!


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                          RedBack, Beez Neez, Fat Yak (Been hitting that lately since theres a bucketload sitting around work )Teds, J.S Amber Ale...

                          There are so many out there that its ridiculous to try name the best!!!
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                            What IPA's are you guys drinking?

                            Daise: strawberry beer, sounds alright
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                              Little creatures at the moment, although they tend to change their hop bill quite regularly.
                              Sometimes you'll get a really nice candy floss flavour to it, other times it's more citrusy.
                              Still good though.

                              EDIT: FFS, Sal and Barfy have turned me into a beer snob.