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Did anyone record RAW Comedy last night?

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  • Did anyone record RAW Comedy last night?

    The final of the Raw Comedy comp was on abc last night and I missed it. don't suppose anyone happened to record it? if you could burn it or upload it for me it'd be much appreciated. I was a proud loser of the Wildcard round of this years comp in Perth, so it'd be cool to see how the final worked out.

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    It was a great show (apart from the obligitory unfunny female comedians to keep it PC) with a deserving winner. The Gay bloke and the English Toff character were right up there as well.

    it's not up yet, but keep an eye on this ABC iView website to see if it gets posted
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      acquiring it for you now


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        I didn't go and watch any of them this year, but I've been to see a few before and fuckin good on you mate. That takes some serious balls to get up and talk in front of a pile of people


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          Roger: Yeah, the winner was Michael Workman right? I've seen/met him a few times at the Charles Hotel's Comedy Lounge (thurs nights) </plug> and a few other comedy rooms around Perth. very funny bloke, clever stuff.
          cheers though, I searched the ABC site this morning and it just came up with the tv guide listing for last nights show. I will check back though.

          Rogue: oh, cheers! I'll await an update!

          Wig: thanks man, it's scary as shit. but a great rush too. especially when you can get em laughing. I'm definatley gonna keep at it.

          anyway, I'm going down to the Brass Monkey now to watch the Laugh Resort show

          cheers guys


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            It will most likely get broadcast on the Comedy Channel on Foxtel at some point. If anyone notices that it's gonna be on them PM me 24 hours in advance and I'll capture it with all my flashy video capturing stuff that I don't get around to using anymore...
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