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  • Rottie pup questions?

    Hey guys ,
    just doing a bit of research and am interested in your experiences. Im hoping to be in the market for a rottie puppy early next year and I know how far ahead litters sell out. Just wondering if anyone has had experience with any good breaders in perth.

    I only turned up 2 breeders thru google and couldn’t get much info of their pages.
    The one rule I have is that I will never buy from a breeder that docks tails so im just checking to see if there are any breeders I can rule out strait away.

    Price wise Im expecting to pay up to about $1500 and am guessing that there would be about a 6 month wait. Are these reasonable estimates, Also any hints or tips when looking at blood lines?

    thanks guys,

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    Docking tails is illegal except for medical reasons.


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      Yeh its illegal, and cruel but ive herd some pretty nasty stories about breeders that seem to have allot of pups with broken tails at birth, so they get docked at the vets...


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        Dogs West - Best of Friends

        This is the Canine Asso's website. Go to LHS Breeds - select Rotty's

        Personally I have had a Brabantsia (german stock) boys with big ole kerosene tin heads - got a best n show .. but got totally blown away in latter years by a Kuhneit in the show ring.

        Depends on what you want.. pet or pooncy show dog I have had both.


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          MY dog has a totally fucekd tail it actually turns 180 degress back on itself but the vet said just leave it because its not bothering her.

          Even though its probably illegal I dont think I have ever seen a Rottie with a tail.

          I hate docking as well, so good on you for not going along with it.

          In terms of finding a dog check out dogzonline Rotti pups listed here.

          Rottweiler Puppies for Sale from Rottweiler breeders, Australia.

          Also do yourself a favour and join the forum, cos while psb is an amazing resource its still a bike site. If you want dog info go to a dog site. Everyone there is really nice and they know heaps.

          Now for some advertising. Get a Ridgeback dude, same sie as a Rotti but much more athletic and less slobber.

          I agree Rotti's are great dogs but Ridgebacks are amazing fucking smart and extremely loving, also fantastic with kids and other dogs.

          If you want come see mine she is 10 months old and weighs 35kilos.
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            Cheers for the replys guys, some good links too. I'll fire off a few emails and see whos expecting litters between chrissy and easter. First and foremost he's going to be a pet, so im not bothered about the show side of things. I just figure that good stock will reduce the likelihood of hereditary diseases latter on in life
            My mates got a ridgeback, and they are awesome dogs, but theres just something about rotties that makes me grin from ear to ear =)


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              My Rottweiler x Labradore Georgie is 10 months old and 37kgs. She was a pound dog so I got her for $300. Pure bred rottweilers though are very expensive.

              These are a few websites that might help.

              West Coast Rottweiler Club of Western Australia Inc

              Rottweiler - Breeders - Puppies - Australia

              But if you don't mind a mixed dog. Then my pups brother is still for sale at the pound...
              Julie's Boarding Kennels. 12 Midas Road , Malaga.
              Opening hours: Monday to Friday, 9am to 3pm ...


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                I wanted a rottie - had one growing up...

                Got two brother border collies now :grin: lovem to bits. Had to wait 12months for mine from a breeder over east. But worth the wait, the investment, and the travel costs.
                You definitely get what you pay for (screening for hereditary diseases and conditions, good quality coats and great temperament)

                Good luck - Would luv to get a rottie aswell


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                  if your not in a major hurry, wait for the royal show, find out what day the rotties are on and go speak to the breeders and check out all their dogs.
                  You'll also see which breeders have the best ones (class winners).
                  Be prepared to pay ~$1000 for a pedigree without papers (desexed pet only).
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                    I think Utility group are having a show somewhere on the 12th September (check the canine site), should be rotties a plenty out there.

                    You will be quite suprised at the differences to build etc between the breeders. Tis a good way of seeing wots out there and what you actually like to see in your potential poo-pee machine.

                    Am a die hard rottie fan.. but currently have a boxer = fruit loop oogly dog


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                      pm baxter
                      he can put you in touch with a breeder who'll be able to answer questions you have about rotties


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                        The royal show and dog show is a great idea guys, gives me a chance to see the different attributes that you can get, depending on blood lines. =)


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                          its allways a good drive home when I get to follow this guy =)


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                            Here is a facebook page of a rottie breeder. It has her number and info/pics of the dogs.
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                              i used to breed rotties... trained them for security, just be careful of who you get them from no matter how reputable, one thing to watch for is hips

                              Well, aren't we just a ray of fucking sunshine?