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What are those sayings that you love?

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  • What are those sayings that you love?

    Alrighty my favourite right now, thanks to the rock apes at work always trying to get me to repair shit they've broken is :

    "Fuck off Idiot"

    It works so well in so many situations - eg: Someone stops you in the street to get to donate to X charity or bangs on your front door asking if you've heard the word of some almighty diety or some such, well "Fuck off idiot" works. It also gives the impression that you dont care - so hopefully they wont ever bother you again. Ever.

    Whats a fav of yours?

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    Are you asking for favourite lowbrow insults?
    Originally posted by Melkor
    The Saint is all over the answer like a Saint on a cupcake.


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      Heh, yeh that was pretty lowbrow.

      Just post up your favourite saying - being the end of my swing, thats mine. Ask me again after 4 days off and it'll be something like "cool bananas".

      Dont tell me yours is "Om nom nom" or something like that? Or have I got the wrong cocksnogger Saint?


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        Fuck off idiot.

        Nah only reason I ask is because that one was done not so long ago:
        Originally posted by Melkor
        The Saint is all over the answer like a Saint on a cupcake.


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          I C Wat U did Thar.

          Didnt use the search feature. Lazy see.

          Oh thats another one. Lately I have a tendancy to say "see" after my sentances. Its funny how you only pick up on these things when a mate starts pulling the piss out of you for it. See.


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            my life motto....

            If you leave it to the last minute.... it only takes a minute!


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              one of the guys on my soccer team likes to fire as up before running out onto the pitch by saying "CMON BOYS LETS GO OUT THERE AND FUCK EM IN THE EYES"
              Originally posted by Friedrich Hayek
              "The curious task of economics is to demonstrate to men how little they really know about what they imagine they can design."


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                I like the saying --- I WISH I WAS A DICKHEAD
                can be used in many aplications at work, like when a stupid sugestion is thrown around.
                REPENT MOTHER FUCKER
                (anarchy in english )


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                  The plot thickens...
                  Insert witty comment here


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                    fucking muppet (thanks Millsy, it's become a favourite)

                    and of course cocksnogger, it's the latest sensation
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                      "thats what she said"
                      depending on whats said it can backfire
                      Originally posted by Lefty
                      Wouldn't be like me to upset the herd.


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                          Originally posted by Bradlze View Post
                          depending on whats said it can backfire
                          They observe my perambulations upon my gyroscopically-balanced personal transportation device, and I perceive at my core that they have thus concluded that I am Caucasian, and, while intelligent, I am also somewhat socially inept. - Peculiar Alfred
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                            "I don't give a rats arse."

                            WTF does that mean?



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                              This is not a "Terms/sayings that shit you" thread.

                              Also, it's comparing something of no intrinsic worth/interest to how much one cares about something, and declaring that the worthless thing is more valuable.
                              Insert witty comment here