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Got hosting, time to blog... what's the best setup?

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  • Got hosting, time to blog... what's the best setup?

    I've been driving taxis since November last year. I'm an adventurous type so I get myself into all sorts of situations that just about every other driver would steer very clear of. (bad pun... steer clear... geddit?)

    I've already got hosting for a couple of my sites with cPanel, which includes b2evolution blog software. I've had a couple of quick looks at it but don't have the time to study and figure it all out properly.

    If anyone is able and willing to sit down with me for a few minutes and show me how to get it all configured properly then I'd be delighted to hear from you.

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    I use wordpress for Dubs Industries, works well for my limited needs and also capabilities.

    Skins can be loaded in a matter of seconds too.



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            Wordpress is probably the easiest to use, and it has a huge user base. If you'd asked me, I could have hosted you, too

            Pop me a PM if you want to chat.
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              I use Dreamhost and Wordpress (very little time for blog stuff lately though).
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                twitter. .
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                  Blogspot (Blogger) is good.
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                    twitter. .
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                      Im using Wordpress (see Sig) it works really well, has heaps of plugins available to do pretty much whatever you want.

                      At the moment im using one of those $1 per month hosts, works pretty well, but I will be wanting to move it in the future.

                      Who have you got hosting with?
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