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    Gold reserve sold out.

    Silver and general admission left.

    Got mine this morning.

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    Bugger... love the band but I was soooo bored the last time they played here. I'd spent 3 days/2 nights waiting in line for tickets, that was heaps of fun (like camping with hundreds of fans of the same music!), but ended up killing it by listening to way too much Pearl Jam leading up to the gig and when they played I was sick of the songs. Also not a fan of the newer stuff. Soooo I think I'll give it a miss this time but have fun dirt_infected!
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      Yeah haven't really liked/understood the last 3 albums, so kinda hoping they play a lot of old stuff.

      Ben Harper and the Relentless 7 are supporting, so that's gotta be worth something.

      I didn't know about the concert until yesterday, just trying to make sure no psb'ers who might be interested miss out.


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        got mine to general admission in the last day of presale
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          Only tickets available when I checked were right at the back of the stadium, so going to give it a miss.

          Nothing will beat when I saw them play at London Astoria a couple of years ago though.


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            Got 6 tickets last Tuesday, and working on a media pass now.

            I love Pearl Jam & I think the new album is going to be a winner, going back to their older style.