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  • Jumping ship to explore new things

    Okay, turning to PSB for some opinions on if i'm nuts or not.

    I'm 19 with no commitments atm and lately i've been seriously considering moving country to work and enjoy life for a year or 2.

    Who here has done it? What problems did you come across? Was getting unqualified work there easy enough?

    I'm thinking of going to Europe at the moment.

    Things i've thought about.

    - Finances - I obviously need to buy a one way ticket to go there and have enough money to live on while i am looking for work, not sure how many weeks/months i need to plan ahead for?

    - Access to money - Need to go to the bank and talk to them, set up different accounts and probably get a local bank card over there

    - Apply for working visa

    - Travel insurance?

    - Possibly update drivers licence, i think some places require a international sort of licence?
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    What have you got to lose?
    Just do it.
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      Originally posted by Yagadan View Post
      Okay, turning to PSB for some opinions on if i'm nuts or not.
      Plum busted in the head.

      Do it.


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        You're utterly bonkers mate.

        Do it.
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          Most places require you to have a return ticket booked, so you don't end up broke with no way to get home.

          Apart from that, I see no flaws in your plan whatsoever. Have fun, root the local chicks, do dodgy hospitality work
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            Okay, why not.

            Places to go/places to avoid?

            While i want to just "do it". I will probably need to do some things first. Sell my car, maybe sell my beloved bikes flights get visa ect ect.
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              Well man...
              What are you considering doing??
              Heading for the Ski season and becoming an instructor?!...
              Working in Pubs/bars?
              Manual Labour?
              European Gigalo?
              I'd say get some experience in whatever area u plan on working... If your looking to pull pints at a pub, then go do a bar course here, so your not going in blind...

              I'd say for planning, Personally id have at least 3 months rent/food. That way u can check out a few places for a month or whatever and have some fun, Find where u wana settle down, then have a couple of months to look for a job.

              I'd also have money set aside for a ticket back that u dont touch, Leave it with the folks or something... That way if shit hits the fan, then all you've gota do is get them to transfer that cash and u can get outa there before they find the bodies!
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                I can't really answer your questions, but it's a great idea and I doubt you would regret it. Definitely do some research on employment levels in specific areas you're interested in though.
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                  I left it too late, got caught up with wife/kids/dog/mortgage etc, took ages to get clear of all that and have a crack.

                  Finances - most visas require that you have a return ticket. You need to be able to afford it, you should probably have a couple of grand sitting in an emergency account, and enough cash to live off for a couple of months where you intend going is really nice because it means you can get a feel for the work scene and the place your going without having to panic about getting work in the first week.

                  Visa - get the right one, sort this out first.

                  Bank account and local tax accounts etc - often you hit a bit of a chicken and egg scenario where the banks won't give you an account until you have a job, the job can't pay you without an account, etc, etc, etc.

                  Travel insurance doesn't generally cover you when you migrate. Take it out to cover your journey there, but be careful of the limitations.

                  RAC can do an international license and DO IT, I got pulled up in France and in Montenegro and neither recognised the aussie license.

                  I got to the UK on an ancestry visa and went with a girlfriend who had lived there before and knew her way through all the crap. It helped a lot.
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                    This is just one one many that can be plucked of the web,
                    Teach International - TESOL courses Australia. Teach English overseas.
                    These companies will give you a basic teaching english as second language qualification and set you up with a job overseas. If yo udo a bit of research you will find plenty of companies doing this kind of thing. Great for a working holiday. Good luck.
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                      About once a year I think about how brilliant it would be to sell up every single thing we own and spend a few years just traveling and writing about it.

                      Then I remember that I'm closer to 30 than I am to 20, and I'm roughly ten years too late to do this. Maybe after setting ourselves up a bit better financially, we actually could embark on a journey like that.

                      While you're young mate, do it. Sell up, sort your visas out and see this little green globe we live on.
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                        Go to canada and get skiing instructor, whale watching, pub, whistler jobs.

                        You wont regret it.

                        Talk to Apatheticend.
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                          Originally posted by Cam View Post
                          Maybe after setting ourselves up a bit better financially, we actually could embark on a journey like that.
                          You're all arse about, mate. No mortgage from what I know, no real ties to being here, now is the time to go - BEFORE you get tied down with mortgage, offspring, the executive management position which you can't leave, etc etc etc.
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                            Woh, quick replies thanks all.

                            Okay, i already have a holiday booked for the GP and phuket Oct 22 - 31st, so if this goes ahead plan is to leave November.

                            Plan so far:

                            -Decide on location...
                            -RAC international drivers licence
                            - Finances

                            So much to organise...i'm excited.
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                              Hit me up at the next MNR... I've been and done it in Europe

                              Well worth the effort!
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