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  • Best Coffee Beans in Perth

    Well i have run out of coffee for my expresso machine and it got me thinking about were to get great coffee.

    i buy mine from the swan valley at a place called Yahava Koffee Works and its awsome anyone had it? Or anyone know anywere else to get great coffee?


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    Few threads around the place on this already.

    Yahava is great, usually duck in there if I'm down south way.

    Fiori is nice too and possibly a little more convenient for you.

    There is also Kaldi who support MAD with every purchase.


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      Addy for this place please...


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        Try searching for "best coffee" (include the quotes).

        It yields results like this:

        best already roasted I've found is from Epic Espresso. I don't rate the yahava.
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          five senses coffee is the way to go for me.


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            Five Senses do the roasting for Epic, but to Epic's formula.

            Hint - if you're looking at "best beans", consider roasting your own. You can do it in a saucepan on a gas stove. The hardest part is cooling the beans quickly at the end, they need a lot of air over them fast. And you need to leave them alone for 12 hours or so for the nomnom to develop
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              Best Coffee In Perth

              Hi Guys and Gals... I have a Walk Up Cafe concept operating in Atwel. As part of setting this up and the continued appreciation of great coffee i have a couple suggestions for you..

              5 Senses coffee is only as good as the barista. Yes i know thats a bold statement but i suggest that coffee is only as good as the barista. I can kill 5 senses coffee by not grinding it properly or not tamping it properly.. The great thing about a company like 5 senses is that they offer very strong training and followup. SO there brand is followed up with barista's who can make coffee. I would say 9 times out of 10 you will get a good to great coffee form a 5 senses bean user.

              Places to go.. Elixir (Claremont) next door to Chelsy Pizza.. these boys are ex barista from Velvet and they have produced a strong following.

              Epic .. shame they sold it the new owners are making a good product but there is something lacking.. maybe its personality??

              wait wait,.,. now im not trying to advertise myself but i love my coffee of course.. and i would love your feedback so maybe youll come try mine at my site in Atwel if your rolling round.. (Look for the Gull site, im parked up there ) try me and post your thoughts.

              Stay Upright !


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                Hey Batten,

                You can get a great local roast from Bonissimo in West Perth (Douglas street off Newcastle) they do take home packs. They have a few blends from mild to strong flavours. Tell em Woogi sent ya.. they wont give you a discount but they might give me one


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                  Hey guys, look i know not to commercially advertise here but really im too small to be commercial so in the interested of small business support wonder down for a coffee mon to fri 7 - 3 and ask for Woogi Too.. I will give you a local area discount. Thanks heaps hope to see ya there! (Gull servo, cnr Soloman and Armadale rds Atwell.)


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                    I always found Infinity in East Perth (they won Perth's best coffee 2009) to make a great cuppa and they use the Lavazza bean.... or Cafe Cafe opposite QV1 in west Perth they use Illy Coffee and that's also damn fine.

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                      +1 Fiori. This is what I use in my cafe.
                      +1 Epic in West Perth. Agree about the lack of personality. Its like they are drones. Very neat to watch them in action in the morning though.

                      Also agree with Fazer. Coffee is only as good as the barista.

                      Also try Lowdown in the City. They are situated in Cloisters Arcade. They use Fiori beans too.


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                        If you want the best coffee in Perth check out Antz inya Pantz coffee in Vic Park. These guys live and breath coffee, they import their own stuff and roast 3 times a week from memory. You can get all sorts of blends as they don't just do one style and they are always comming up with the goods. Don't just take my word for it, try it for yourself. They are out of the way so not many people know about them but the ones that do have discovered perths best coffee.

                        If you don't want beans and are just chasing a good brew whilst on a ride, Exomod on Beafourt St don't do a bad coffee but agree you have to get the right barrista.
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                          Theres a little hole in the wall coffee joint in the paragon arcade called Ristretto. The owner, Emanuel, roasts/blends his own, and imports from various countries in africa and SA. Last 2 years he's been my sole dealer


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                            try Scutti's - A Taste of Europe
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                              Originally posted by Langers View Post
                              How f**king annoying is that website?
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