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what is the loosest thing you have ever done in a vehicle?

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  • what is the loosest thing you have ever done in a vehicle?

    thinking about browncow's loop in front of a crowded pub

    what is the loosest/dumbest/screwed up thing you have ever done in a vehicle?

    when i was a student i lost control of a work vehicle and bogged in a tailings dam.. it was pretty embaressing, it had to be recovered using an excavator
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    360 by total accident going down the road to 'the cut' in dawesville, locals will remember how wide that bastard was, i could do the whole thing at a decent lick when i was a p-plater all side ways =D
    *disclaimer, did have some one ahead check for cars brainless, but not stupid


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      Take one Suzuki Carry Van...

      Whilst doing 80kph jam it in to reverse...

      It was a manual so I got down to about 60 before the horrible noises stopped and it slotted into gear...

      Accelerator to the floor and drop the clutch...

      Howling tyres and two big black marks...


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        Too many to list.

        Got my old mini a looong way up on 2 wheels.


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          Loosest- sitdowns past 200

          Dumbest- nearly plowed a hire 4wd over a dune, into a 6ft+ deep running body of water, because I couldn't be bothered getting out of the car first to check what was over the dune. Was left digging, by hand, for over 3 hours to get myself out. It was 2 hours drive up a beach, in the middle of nowhere, in Dubai.

          Screwed up- looped it on my first wheelie of the day, right in front of a crowd of mates.


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            Does receiving sexual services while driving count?
            such comment
            many post


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              coming around a corner whilst doing pizza deliveries just up from work and it was raining and tryed to get my little front wheel drive rolla to lose front wheels and slide sideways... all 4 wheels lost out on me did about 200degree spin ending up on the wrong side of the road with cars coming towards me... thats probs dumbest thing ive done


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                Honda civic up on 2 wheels around a corner on a narrow road surrounded by trees. Didn't crash - no idea how....


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                  Originally posted by Cam View Post
                  Does receiving sexual services while driving count?
                  not if you were in the vehicle by yoself..


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                    Trying to 'drift' my 1981 Gemini through an exit of a round-a-bout, ended up losing it swerving both ways and then wrapping the drivers side around a tree, tiny tree, but it fucked up the car something horrid.

                    Doing $1.55 in my Gemmy down Roe Hwy - About to blow I think
                    Doing $1.90 in a '96 Excel down Roe Hwy - Scariest thing I have ever done, car shook and wiggled when I touched the brakes

                    .. allegedly
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                      Insisting after having a few absinthe shots towards the end of a messy night to offer to drift my mate's front wheel drive suzuki swift sedan around a roundabout. Resulted in 2 flat tyres, two bent and broken rims, a ruptured fuel tank and a few marks on roads and surrounding kerbs.

                      Was dumbest for drinking and driving but the thinking I had the skills was even more stupid.

                      Loosest was handbrake parking from oposite side of road my old suzuki gti between two cars parked apart on the side of the road.
                      Just reading that Carlos,Roe towards South street intersection in the ol' Soarer pulling $2.50 (you needed the pivot speedo box to over-ride the 180 limiter). Then feeling the cross wind buffet the car. Stupid and scary.
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                        yeh between Kenwick link and South St is nice an 'straightish'
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                        Originally posted by lee
                        how is that erotic? that's some chick laying on a towel on the floor with her hand down some where's wally knickers with preposterously sized fake cans and shaving rash around her hooch.


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                          glad ive grown up now but....
                          snaky's at 80kph on a gravel road first time ever driving a car, yep lost it, yep wasnt my car.
                          got a car up on two wheels and rolled the tyres off the rims whilst doing a 'grass job'.
                          thrown out the back of a ute whlst trying to video it doing doughnuts (was soo drunk didnt eavn turn the camera on).
                          someone else putting a work light truck in 4X4 and not taking it out resulted in me blowing the transfer case the day after I handed my notice in driving somewhere I shouldnt have been.
                          Bogging one of those trucks MAJORLY miles away from anywhere again where we shouldnt have been.
                          Roling one of the same trucks after hitting a cow.
                          I wont drive one of those now.

                          few more things but as I said ive grown up now most those things were a fair while ago.


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                            Trying to crack 200 on a bike, slight hump in road, suspension unloaded, then the road kinked to the right.

                            Ended up on the shoulder about 20cm from the gravel, and filled my pants with both poo and wee. But I made it, and lived to tell stupid tales on the interwebs
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                              would have to be coming back from albany with the car club decided to go a different way with a mate and we practically just raced each other most of the way home, doing burnouts etc, lucky we pulled into a town for a break when a cop pulled up and gave us a real reaming! lets just say i learnt my lesson from that day on... (luckily he didnt witness anything, people rang in). If we kept going we wouldnt of been busted hard as he was after us
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