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  • Profile of a C'Snogger

    Going by the laughably farcical moniker of “Cocksnogger” (1-2-3) who are these purveyor’s of the piss-take?

    Posting a highly flammable stockpile of funny bombs and wit missiles, behind the pearls of wisdom on the crusty oyster that is life - what maketh the man?

    Without revelling their true identity - post your amusing pics and guestimations.

    Because if someone needs a tap, they need a tap...

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    This is who they are, profile from there


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      Lol dont question the ancient order of cocksnoggery.

      I think most people already know though.
      My mum always used to say, when life hands you lemons "kill mob within spell duration with a soul gem of adequate quality for the mob's level to trap its soul"


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        Or you could just look at their sigs/locations/bikes?

        [oh... the unright one has removed all such evidence]
        Insert witty comment here


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          A Cocksnogger in its natural habitat, mastering the snoggery crane style.
          "In all the human societies we have ever reviewed, in every age and in every state, there has seldom if ever been a shortage of eager young males prepared to kill and die to preserve the security, comfort and prejudices of their elders, and what you call heroism is just an expression of this fact; there is never a scarcity of idiots." -The Culture