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Aluminium: Scrap? Fabricators?

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  • Aluminium: Scrap? Fabricators?

    Anyone here access to scrap aluminium?
    Only after small sheet off-cuts, or some L-section.

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    I'm in Tassie, so of no direct help, but there should be a bunch of metal recycling yards in Perth. They're bound to have something, and the prices are usually pretty good. I think eight bucks per kilo was the going rate for Al last time I dropped by CMA...
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      PM on its way.
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        Give me a PM if Starfish can't help. I know a couple fabricators that do a fair amount of work with Ali.
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          I have a massive scrap bin full of the stuff 0.6 to 8mm thick. But if you want something cut to size, let me know. (much rather cutting some than diggin through the bin tho)
          - Mike


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            You're welcome to rustle through the scrap aluminuim at my work if you like.
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              Cheers guys.
              Still working out exactly what I size I need.
              Will keep you posted.


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                I want to mount the DSLR on the tail of the TRX's raceglass.

                Using either one of these:



                (with a camera mount instead.)

                #1 will be a lot more stable.

                #2 will have a lot more adjustment and fine tuning of the angle available. Also be able to take portrait shots and any angle in between.

                I think all I really need is just 2 of ~10mm square plates which I will just bolt to either side of the fibreglass to strengthen the mounting point.
                #1 doesn't really need it so much.....but #2 will.


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                  If all you need is a couple 10mm squares of 1-3mm plate why not just get a couple of washers from the hardware? Yes I can help and I'm happy to, one of the other guys may be a little closer if you're SOR.
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                    Yeah could to that or just some cheap thin glav....

                    The idea for using alum started out wanting to make something like this:

                    But probably going OTT when I don't know if this will work yet.

                    #1 I can buy and re-use on my skydiving gear.
                    #2 A mate has laying around which he uses to bolt his DSLR to the bullbar of his car.


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                      I have gotten offcuts of Ali plate and tube from Smart Aluminium (now Capral I think) 34 Boulder Rd, Malaga WA 6090
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                      Noted. We'll check back on that one in three years
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                        Cheers guys.

                        Found some thin galv....should be enough to bolt to the other side of the fairing to reinforce it.