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Anyone else noticed that mobile phones are getting less reliable?

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  • Anyone else noticed that mobile phones are getting less reliable?

    In my best grandpa-voice, I've noticed that they just don't make mobile phones like they used to...

    My first phone (standard Nok-Block when colour screens had just been implemented in the sub-100-dollar market) lasted for ages. Something like 3 years with no problems, and then I replaced it simply because I could get something "better" for ~50 bucks.

    But between myself and a couple of mates, we've had about a dozen phones die on us in the last couple years.

    It seems like the "performance" (speed at which the phone starts up, as well as loads menus, functions and messages) slows down over a period of time - when I first got my current phone, it would process inputs in a split second, now it can take up to three or four seconds just to enter the menu. Give it another few months and I expect this one to die as well.

    It's been a recurring theme with my last 4 phones - is it just a nokia thing, a cheap (sub-100-buck) thing, or something common to the technology?

    I get that in fairness, you're getting a pretty sophisticated little device for the price of a large tank of fuel, but I just can't see why it would slow down over time (and yes, I clear my inbox and try full factory resets etc to wipe the slate clean).

    Any thoughts?
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    upgrade the software ?
    Take it back to have it 'serviced' ?

    Buy another one if its $50 ?

    My N95 I've had for about 13 months now, It's not really slowed down much. At times it'll go through a stage where it might seem slower, but it doesn't usually last long, and I think I've also become faster with knowing what menu's do what and where to go next etc, so it may SEEM slower because I already preempt the next move. So to speak.


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      I have a htc touch pro and i am just glad it has a nice easy reset button.
      I can't use their touch 3d app as it locks up constantly. Sliding out the keyboard 50% of the time would cause to freeze.
      I remember my Nokia 3210 and 8210, i think, worked a treat.

      As phones get more powerful they put more features in to use up the new power. I mean the phones got a 528mhz processor in it. It should be able to keep up with me typing on the keyboard!!!!


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        Of course, what a stupid postulation.
        The more crap you cram into the same space, the more subsystems there are to fail.
        Don't blame the manufacturers, blame the consumers, they are demanding it.


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          Posted via Mobile Device you also need to remember, that most markets work on a 12 month plan. Because of this, they are manufactuered to last a year before being replaced. Why we are stuck with 24 month plans is a mystery to me.
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            I used to think that mobile phones were getting worse every year until I got a Blackberry bold and it does everything I needs it to do.

            Having said that, I have a very old nokia 3100 prolly more than 6 years old and still runs well. Battery lasts for over 5 days without a charge.


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              Its because the processors are 3 multilayered, in the begining they were single layered so the moisture evaporated and stuff, now moisture gets trapped and fucks them up.

              I hope I got that description right but its what I was told by a repair man.

              I was also told by a Nokia representative verbatim that Nokia phones are warranty voided by moisture, including the moisture in the atmosphere on planet Earth. And no Im not bullshitting.
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                Hmmm, I wonder if a small flat sachet of silica gel would slow the whole process by a noticeable amount, if you stuck it in a new phone (if you could find space).

                I guess I'll find out if they'll accept a warranty claim on mine. If not, I guess I'll be up for another 50 bucks lol...
                Originally posted by Dragunov-21
                If you want me to answer a question, I want you to ask one that doesn't put words in my mouth that were never there.


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                  Originally posted by Dragunov-21 View Post

                  Any thoughts?
                  If you buy the Macintosh touch screen swiss army knife phone with the fold out saucepan and subwoofer.. then it won't work as well as say...

                  ^This (samsung tradesman something something).

                  Which cost me $180.

                  It can call people.
                  It can send messages.
                  It has the option of being silent.
                  Is splash proof.
                  Has a built in flashlight.
                  Has big keys for people with sausage fingers.
                  It comes with a connectable blue tooth thing so I can ignore even more people
                  and is pretty damn hardy.

                  OH MY PHONE KEEPS BREAKING = you bought the wrong one.


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                    I figured it was reasonable to expect my phones to be able to deal with being in my pocket or on a desk for more than six-twelve months without shitting itself lol, and so far only my oldest has been able to.

                    That said, I'm considering one of the tradie phones for my next one... (prays for bulletproofness)
                    Originally posted by Dragunov-21
                    If you want me to answer a question, I want you to ask one that doesn't put words in my mouth that were never there.


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                      Agreeing with Mirkz and Maxo here. Maybe you just bought a shit phone.

                      I own a N95 8gb. Second decent expensive (at the time) phone I've ever had, and it's not missed a beat. I don't have a cover for it, and it's taken a fair few drops. No worries.

                      Wouldn't buy Sony Ericsson again.
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                        as grum said. I had an htc also. But decided to sell it within a day for the reasons he mentioned
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                          Maybe I'm a rouch cnut, but most of my phones dont work as good after a year.
                          You put the c*nt in country run


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                            All i know is that the word 'phone' in the word IPhone is just a big fucking joke by Apple, it does everything but work properly as a phone Pfffttttttt


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                              I have an awesome phone, dropping it in a puddle doesn't worry me too much
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