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    I read this post and got to thinking...
    Originally posted by -Stevo- View Post
    I remember my distress and despair in primary school with a model boat science competition (build one to get to the other side of the pool under its own power) when my nice, high density foam hull that I had spent HOURS sanding developed a fatal hole through the centre from about 4 drops of model cement

    since then I have ALWAYS tested it first aha
    I still remember building spaghetti bridges in high school science, awesome fun.

    What ones have you done?
    Paddle-pop stick bridges?
    Egg parachutes?

    Share your stories!

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    We had a comp in year 7 to make a bridge with a fixed amount or newspaper pages, it was 12 pages or 20 or some amount.

    Then the best bridge was decided by seeing how much weight it could suspend between 2 desks.

    Being the free thinker I am I used The bBig weekend instead as they really just said you have to use newspaper and 1 roll of sticky tape.

    Needless to say I won the comp and then was immediately disqualified for using the Big weekend.

    I did get an honorable mention at assembly though.
    My mum always used to say, when life hands you lemons "kill mob within spell duration with a soul gem of adequate quality for the mob's level to trap its soul"


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      Primary school and high school times combined (man I miss making these things aha)

      Land Yacht competition...
      Building a machine to get a marble to travel 60cm in the SLOWEST amount of time using only gravity...
      C02 canister powered vehicle (everyone made cars, but we made a balsa plane by hacking a glider to bits and it nearly killed some parents - awesome)
      Rubber-band powered vehicle
      Mousetrap powered vehicle
      Bridge made of straws and hot glue...

      We also had a class in high school called 'tech studies', where we were assigned a task and had to build something to complete it within a certain time and budget - these included:

      -A 1 metre bridge that had to hold a carton of coke (mine was made of cardboard, lightest AND cheapest - no suprises I became a civil engineer)
      -A ping-pong ball gun (mine was destroyed after the competition due to its power aha)
      -A small pnuematic crane, using a series of syringes and tubes to control rotation/extension/grip etc etc
      -A model rocket (using a proper model rocket engine) that had to carry a certain payload and land it safely with parachute
      -A toy car to travel over an obstacle course..


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        we had the boat thing in year 7 as well. It had to travel across a wading pool carrying a certain number of metal washers, and have a footprint smaller than an A4 page. We won on performance and design Our boat was on display in the maritime museum.

        Also did a few bridge/shelter/vehicle things in peac (primary extension and challenge)
        We had to built a shelter out of spaghetti and glue to protect an alien (chicken) egg from a meteor (plastic cricket ball launched off a 8 foot ramp).
        We had cars powered by rubber bands, balloons, and lego motors, the last being a time trial.
        Rockets included dry ice/water propelled and model rocket motors. The dry ice model only had to launch straight (focus on fin surface area and placement). Mine lost one of it's 3 fins about 10m up, tipped on one side and flew about 40m in a straight line. When we got to the rocket motors, one of the guys got the ok to try a 2 stage engine. Unfortunately he screwed up the fin design. The first stage got it a meter off the ground before it started doing convoluted horizontal figure 8's. It came to rest on the ground pointing in our direction, leaving us very thankful that by some miracle, stage 2 didn't ignite.


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          Our team won the Gippsland High School Debating Competition.

          Yes, there was actually a time when I could string a cohesive argument together, and not take all day to do it.

          I once got third prize in the Westpac Maths Competition.

          In year 8, I constructed a reaction timing test as part of my science project and tested the boys times against the girls. Everyone was tested individually, but if the teacher wasn't nearby, I would have two or three boys stand in a group to ditract their mate by chatting and goofing around during the test. This had the desired effect on the overall results, unless boys genuinely do have much slower hand-eye coordination. Considering I never had a boyfriend, it was probably the most fun I had with boys all through high school.


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            in primary school: egg parrachute and mousetrap powered car. won both

            also amongst mates in yr 8 (yes we were one of the nerdy groups), the helicopter out of paper and paperclip thingo. Who ever could stay up the longest. I won because although we all thought of using air-mail paper to make it lighter, I just used a little more paper and folded it up for counter balance, instead of using a paperclip.
            on one run, from the second storey, my chopper managed to hit a ripper thermal coming off the concrete and instead of just slowing down its decent, lifted and proceeded to disappear over the building gaining height.

            </high school success stories>


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              Spaghetti bridges, then tested the weight it could support, we could use as much or as little spaghetti as we liked but the winner was done on a bridge weight to held weight ratio.
              I did ok, but some of the other kids bridges were insanely strong.

              Also had to make a small car the could get across a basketball court from its own power. i decided i would make one that was solar powered along with wind power and lacky band power...just incase one of the others failed there were two back ups
              I was just raising hell I wasn't doing no harm, the cops could not appreciate my natural charm.


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                year7 science we had to build a bendy straw car and race them down the wheel chair ramp with a plasticine(?) man.

                and building boats out of wax paper, kites, helecopters with rubber bands, all sorts of stuff.