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Three you bunch of lying C**ts

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  • Three you bunch of lying C**ts

    My phone is dead and in operative.

    So I figure I'd upgrade and join the iFAG brigade.

    I called to purchase online, I asked the question 3 times. Do you have the phone in stock.

    Yes was the answer, I'll get it today.

    Now they cant even tell me when I'll get it.

    How is they can get away with this bullshit.

    Three Call Centre you useless bunch of lying C**nts.

    P.S Was told by the Indian person on the phone that I would get a call back in 5 mins and hour ago.
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    You put the c*nt in country run

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    Call this number. 1300 365 212. Its the "3-sales direct number". I just now called them and got told that the 3G I phone is outta stock and it'll be a week before the new stock arrives. These guys are located in Brisbane, I verified that. And no, it wasn't somebody with an accent that gave me this info. Any enquiries about sales have to be through this number and not any other number, especially not the customer service number, coz they have very limited access to sales info. Trust me, I've worked at a call centre and I know how things function. That Indian person probably has to call up these people in Brisbane to know whats happening.