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How do you reserach an old film?

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  • How do you reserach an old film?

    I have been sitting on this old 16mm B&W film in its original box and on its old steel reel for a long time now, picked it up in an opshop.

    Had it transfered from the reel to DVD format for research but where do I start?
    got some stills from it.

    Know its taken in USA calidornia area in early 1920-30 era know some film is of berkley Uni emailed them but not heard back in over a year, has some great windmill and car photos on it looks like they were brand new then

    where else would I go to find out its worth and who would want to buy it?

    any help welcome.
    I just tried to attach a couple of photos but it wouldnt upload something about file format?

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    Find out the make/model of the cars then determine a year, then start from therE?

    Quality of the film might be a selling point, an old film with crappy film quality is worth considerably less
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      Google australian film and literature archive. there is also a Libray in the US that collects similar stuff can't remember its name its something like the libray of congress based in Washington they other point of contact might be the Smithonian institute.
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        Thanks for the info

        I went to Washington earlier this year and should have taken it, ok next year

        I have tried to attached are two pics taken from the old film, but it says incorrect file extention, can I email them to someone to attach please?

        great quility of the film, guys that copied it from the original say its very early 1900 and told me to use the internet to trace photos,


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          send them my way if you like wendy and i will take a look


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            uploading pics for wendy


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              Thanks for that


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                Don't reconise the car it does however look American in its prportions but just behind it on the letterbox/planter thing there is some writing which might be a clue to a street address. Just had a quick fiddle with various effects i Ipoto and it looks like the Letters O J M on it but its a pretty basic program maybe if you get someone to run it through photoshop you might be able to get more info.
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                  Thanks for that
                  so far the research has shown:
                  Berkley Uni
                  there is a town around Cal with windmills and vanderkamp chemist or something like that

                  someone has suggested its footage of the royal that abdicated with Mrs Simpson, I have to check that out, but want to establish the year of filming first, have more car photos that look like its a model T type open car
                  research is coming along nicely so far

                  Aust film and TV archives wants it and they said I can store it and they will give me a piece of paper to show I have it stored there, was told not to send it there as things go missing and all your left is a piece of paper.

                  if its early 1900 as its been suggested it will be coming up to 100 years old so someone would want it.


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                    wondered if the females fashion could date it also?