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minichamps 1;12 scale m/c's

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  • minichamps 1;12 scale m/c's

    anybody know anywhere in Perth that sells them and has a good range

    dont seem to be able to find much on line

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    Paging Jamathi...

    Chuck Norris is 1/8th Cherokee. This has nothing to do with ancestry, the man ate a fucking Indian.


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      I know a bloke that would have 1000 (literaly) of them
      I'll find out for you

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        Bayliss WC SBK winner 1/8 scale

        very small sample of what I collected over many a year.
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          more pics please


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            Just what you have there Bert would make me very happy, so how much you want for em ?.....
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              Originally posted by Ozboy View Post
              Just what you have there Bert would make me very happy, so how much you want for em ?.....
              just for you.


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                sweeeet burt!


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                  fuck me , you got heaps of them- very nice

                  and its actually this one that i'm looking for :-)


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                    That one is the first edition.
                    It sold out pretty quickly.
                    Luckily for you Minichamps reissued that not that long ago and should be able to find one for a reasonable price.


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                      i like that old faired agusta too - agostini ???


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                        yep 3 cilinder 500.
                        Remember seeing and hearing it warm up/race together with the other 4 stroke Benelli (Renzo), patton and Kiwi Kim great on the self made Konig.
                        them were the day's


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                          gota close-up piccie of it ??? -


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                            Triking, used to be in Wesley arcade, apparently they are now at :

                            The Basement,
                            816 Hay Street,
                            (08) 9322-1828

                            Just had look at the website and it is not great, whether that is an indicator or not as to what they stock or ca order is the question.

                            City Models, it is in Picadilly Arcade in the city, about halfway, haven't been in for a while, but what they have in the windows is damn cool.

                            Shop23/25 Picadilly Arcade
                            Perth, 6000
                            Western Australia.
                            (08) 9321 4339

                            Stanbridges in Mt Lawley may also be a worth a shot

                            You could also try the various Gamesworld stores, wierd I know but if I remember it right, last time I was in one of their stores I vaguely remember seeing models in the shop window.
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                              thanks for your help , most appreciated