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someone help take a good photo?

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  • someone help take a good photo?

    Just got a new exhaust from Alex at roo racing and im very impressed and glad I went that way.
    I almost didnt though because I was very worried about how it would look and Im pretty sure its because there's not many pics on his website or around that are done realy well, sure each bike looks good but most of them are poorly presented and just taken in a driveway etc. I think this puts heaps of people off as it nearly did me.
    As he was pretty keen for me to take a photo and send it to him so he could put it up, in apreciation of a job well done great service and a good product I wanted to see if anyone would come for a spin one day and take a decent photo we can give to him to put on the website.
    My problem is my talent with a camera phone dosent quite fit into the good photo range and is no way worthy of helping him advertise his product.

    If anyone is keen to come for a spin to a location of your choice im happy to shout a couple drinks afterwords for your effort.

    (if this is wrong/conflicting in any way with other sponsors just delete but thats not my intention)
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    Where abouts are you situated?


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      Marangaroo, will travel almost anywhere though, not fussy.
      free anytime Sun or Mon if it works for anybody


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        Probably doing the MAD practice ride Sunday morning, but don't mind meeting you somewhere Sunday arvo and taking a few pics
        wouldn't call myself a real photogragher but I'm sure they will turn out better than a phone pic


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          That'd be great, also will give me Sun morning to give it a bit more of a polish, just p.m. a time and place and ill see ya there, as I said i'll travel around a fair bit if needed so somewhere around on the way back for you maby? ive no idea where is good to take a pic.



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            I'll message you closer to Sunday with a place we can meet