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  • Triple J unearthed

    So, here is how to play;

    1. Find a good song
    2. Post it up with a little review that includes what kind of music it is.
    2.5 ADD A LINK
    3. Check back to see what other people recommend


    Band: City Riots
    Song: Burning Me Out

    Indie music, I like it, I have had it for a fair while.

    triple j Unearthed - Artist

    Sorry I'm not up to date with this but I'm hoping this thread will turn up a lot of good music.
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    I was trawling unearthed last night, liked alot of stuff...
    but I'll just put up one for a start

    Band: Shaman Son
    Song: You're Gone

    Catchy rock n roll kinda number

    triple j Unearthed - Artist
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      Band: Allostene
      Song: My weigh down (and the others are good also)

      Triple J Unearthed - Allostene

      Local Perth boys and they put on an awesome live show.
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