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  • Mercedies Vito

    Whos owned one, good buy?
    Can u tell me about relyability etc blah blah blah.
    Any info apreciated

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    I love my vito. I've got the 115Tdi. Lotsa space in the back. Fuel economy is ridiculously good compared to my petrol camry. I get around 650km per 85 bucks of diesel.

    I've been told by the sales guy that servicing is every 60,000km but I think thats bull. I think the engine oil will not be able to last that long.

    The brakes on the thing are excellent... as in very very very good.

    A fault with the car is that if you leave the side lights on, your van can still lock and does not give you a warning. It does when you leave your normal lights on though. Found out the first day I got it so be aware of that.

    I've only had the van for a month plus so can't comment on reliability as it is new.

    Have got a whirly bird installed out the back. Changed the front into a 3 seater rather than a 2 seater. Got side panel window installed on the left hand side as driving without one is a HAZARD when trying to turn right and getting stuck on the middle island. Happens with all vans though so is not a Vito problem.

    Also included a wall behind my seat to create a cabin in the front for passengers and keep the aircon working better in summer.

    For me, I am pretty happy about my purchase. I found models from peugeot and hyundai cheaper and functional but the feel of the engine felt weaker. And Toyota down at melville are hopeless.

    Gave no service when I got there. Basically 5 sales staff sat around pretending to work and avoiding eye contact until I walked into the manager's room to get some service. Bullshit their way through my questions on the technical aspects of the van because the sales guy had no clue. Finally, promised to call to arrange test drive but never did after getting all my details.

    Good luck with your search!


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      I've driven one between Perth and Bunbury a couple of times, and for what it's worth I thought it was pretty great for a van.

      As far as servicing, I know the oil change inerval is meant to be really long because it holds a very large amount of oil and only uses a fairly small portion of it in the engine at any given time - which is supposed to make the oil last a lot longer. I'm definitely not sure about 60,000km though.


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        I have heard the 60 000 story from a sales man but not sure about the truithfull ness.
        Went and had a look at one in Manly,03 tdi 94000kms 15000 not so sure about the price and the salesman was a cock. There are a few floating around NSW for a decent price.
        Do plan to drive back to Perth at the end of the year and want to do it comfortably.
        Will beat the express lol


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          I believe that diesel engines should last you somewhere in the range of 5-600,000kms so it still has plenty of life in it.

          As for the service interval, lemme check my manual and get back to you on it. The van is getting some stuff retro fitted at the moment but will post once I get a chance to.

          Good luck!


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            Ok. Service interval is 30,000.... Still seems to be a very high amount of kms between services.


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              I have been driving a vito 115 for 8 months. It the higher hp td and is surprisingly quick and comfortable. I'm confident that in Germany it would cruise at motoway speeds.

              It is the LWB low roof version and it takes 2 race bikes and gear easily.

              The service interval thing is computer calculated based on load, km and time. Mine just indicated a required service after 2 years because it did bugger all km.

              Don't touch one of the old generation vans. Apparently the drive train isn't up to it.