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    Happy Days

    Two of my favourite bands Ensiferum and Edguy in the same concert Jan 7th 2010.
    Also Amon Amarth is coming Nov 24th this year.

    Just letting you guys know as I find it hard to find out when non mainstream bands are coming to Perth.

    Link to site:

    Just Say Rock - EDGUY, CYNIC, ENSIFERUM - Perth

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    Just read xpress and drum media.
    If cleanliness is next to godliness, why was jesus a dirty sandal-wearing beardo?


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      Oh my god. Another Ensiferum fan!

      I'll be seeing them in Syd on new years with Sonata Arctica, Cynic etc at Screamfest, then again in perth when I fly back.
      Manson on the same day as my R-E test, Dream Theatre, Lamb of God and DevilDriver, Amon Amarth, Static X, Trivium and Meshuggah at Soundwave are what I've got planned concert wise thats coming up.

      Definitely looking forward to Syd, thinking of catching Ensiferum and Sonata Arctica in Melb as well since I'll be there to visit one of my sisters.


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        Good idea to cram as many concerts in as possible whilst they are here. God knows when / if they will return.


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          No kidding, I was complaining not long ago that we don't see metal often enough here in Perth - and then all these started popping up.

          Chimaira are coming early Jan too, forgot about that.


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            Dunno if anyone is a fan (im not really) but cannibal corpse are on tonight at capitol.
            If cleanliness is next to godliness, why was jesus a dirty sandal-wearing beardo?


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              Yeah I'm fuckin spewin I'm going to miss Cannibal Corpse. Was supposed to be going but separating from the mrs has royally fucked the entertainment funds for a while

              Also guys check out the Heavy Metal Fraternity social group. I have a topic in there for upcoming metal gigs \m/


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                Joined the group.
                Some friends of mine are going to see Cannibal Corpse, I'll be missing it though. :/