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Monopoly City Streets

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  • Monopoly City Streets

    Looks kind of cool I guess...

    Monopoly City Streets
    Originally posted by Ferris
    I love how PSB has turned into "Dear Martha"

    Figure shit out yourselves, retards.

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    im gonna buy Balga!!! that's like the Old Kent Rd of Monopoly
    Have you won the game recently?? Post here


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      So do you play against EVERYONE? or do you make up a small group and take in turns like monopoly?

      Could be interesting...


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        Actually looks kinda interesting!


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          Looks like a decent time killer


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            Originally posted by Bunyack View Post
            im gonna buy Balga!!! that's like the Old Kent Rd of Monopoly
            I would have said its more like the "get out of jail free card"

            Sounds interesting.
            Will be interested to see if anything becomes of it.
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              Balga is more "Do not pass go, do not collect your $200 centrelink payment".


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                Just started playing this now. The servers are incredibly slow so it'll take forever to do anything. A shame cause I love Monopoly and this seemed really interesting.


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                  There are riots in the Monopoly City Streets, after the game's debut today was utterly upended from the strain of the initial land grab.

                  The new online incarnation of Monopoly, which uses Google Maps as its game board, has fluctuated between completely inaccessible and intolerably slow throughout the day. The game's blog has apologized for the lack of hardware to meet demand:

                  "We ANTICIPATED an opening rush when we launched the Monopoly City Streets online game, but the first few hours have surpassed even our greatest EXPECTATIONS," a post made Wednesday morning states. "We are in the process of increasing our firepower and expect to be running more smoothly within the next several hours."
                  Google Maps Monopoly board folds under server strain ? The Register
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                    ya.. tried to buy Mitchell fwy this morning (couldn't buy it) so tried with Reid Hwy..

                    The whole lot just stopped and wouldn't respond anymore :-(


                    Can imagine alot of the roads being bought out fairly quickly though!


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                      Must be down. Doesn't go past home page for me
                      Can you help with foster care?


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                        Country not supported yet

                        Sorry the game is not yet availble for your country, please try again later.

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                          Tried it just then, boring within 2 minutes.


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                            Originally posted by polony View Post
                            Tried it just then, boring within 2 minutes.
                            2 minutes you were committed

                            good idea but yeh kinda boring
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                              Bought my street, built two buildings, built a park, got bored.
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