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  • PS3 Slim query


    Anyone else on here purchased a PS3 Slim ?

    I got mine and it came with the assassins creed game.
    I'm finding from time to time, it'll just freeze up and you can't do anything other than shut it off.

    Now is this a game issue or console ?
    (I haven't got any other games at the moment to try out).

    Has done it approx 3-4 times now, and I've played maybe a total of 8-10hrs MAX on it.

    Might have to pinch some of my bro's games to try out.
    The Ps3 menu still seems to be active most times when this happens, so I dunno.


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    if you're lucky it could just be the disc i've got an original but one of my mates bought the slim and it hasn't done that yet
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      I bought a PS3 Slim last night, haven't had any freezes but I've not played Assassin's Creed on it.
      There are certain games that don't like the new firmware... Uncharted is one that causes the most issues, Assassin's Creed I have no idea about but it might be having trouble as well.

      So it is more to do with Sony breaking things in FW 3.0, not your Slim I think.
      They know about it and are working on it apparently...


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        A friend of mine has a regular ps3 like that, it's an overheating issue for him.

        Has to let the thing breathe, wedged in a cabinet just makes it lock up.
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          Ah okay, yeah guy at work said his reg. ps3 did a similar thing regarding heating.
          might have to take it out of the cabinet or open up the front aswell when I use it (back is open already).


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            Don't know about the slim, maybe a bit early, but on the full size PS3 I use a $20 base plate fan assembly, 3 fans powered by usb. Works ok. Otherwise just more breathing space and give it a dust. The big ps3 is a fluff and dust magnet. Fucking piano finish FTL.
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              No issues with my slim and I'm loving it!


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                well tried opening up the doors on the cabinet to let it breathe better.
                Played last night for a few hours and this morning for a while, and then played again later this morning for 20 mins and it froze.
                PS3 doesn't seem all that hot, parts are warm but nothing to get excited about.
                I'm thinking it'd have to be game, but then the ps3 locked up completely this morning, wouldn't let me do anything at all.

                Was running a heater in the room also today when it did it, and not before when it was running fine... so unless it's pathetically touchy about heat.


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                  "There seems to be an awful lot of people having problems with Assassins Creed, freezing and frame rate issues, well there is a fix you'll be glad to know, and its an easy one, all you have to do is disable the information board, press triangle on it and disable it and these problems should go away. Also do not sign into the psn network "

                  Give that a shot?


                  Apparently it's the game.
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                    Yup, it's Ass Creed's fault. I experienced freezing like a gazillion times on that game but then eventually found it too bloody repetitive to be fun (the game). Ditch it.
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                      Thanks Teedo, might look into that!

                      Haha Druu, I already get to that point.
                      It's like "goddamnit now I have to go see that old fart, then travel a bazillion miles back to somewhere else, now I have to climb that tower, save that person, steal that shit, and climb that tower "

                      It's not bad if it's played in moderation, but I definately want somethin diff

                      Edit: Nope that didn't fix the issue. Infact it probably did it quicker than before (within the first 3 mins) of gameplay.
                      Probably either a software issue the new ps3 has with the old game OR it's just the game itself that's screwy.
                      I'll have to get some other games to try out.

                      with movies/music from a USB, never does it.
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                        I bought Assassin's Creed to try it out for you ^_^

                        Works perfectly, played for a couple of hours with no dramas.
                        I'll keep on the case

                        Otherwise the fix Teedo posted seems to work according to Google.


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                          Lovin' my PS3 Slim. I got JB to throw in Batman instead of Assassin's Creed though.

                          I've had no issues so far but yeah there are heaps of complaints about the new 3.0 firmware. Maybe try a different game and see if the problem persists (make that other game Batman!!).



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                            bought one on thursday.

                            love it

                            has ps1 compat, so i only need 2 consoles (well, of the sony variety anyway :geek... am guessing by the time the ps4 comes around it will have ps2 on the slim version

                            if you guys don't have it already, download the demo of little big planet, fuck that game is hilarious

                            and if you're not on the net, there's a firmware update out already...
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                              psn tags peeps? My friends list is looking very loserish. I'm Crumpetman_66