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    <Company>'s Internet Acceptable Use Policy restricts access to this website
    You have attempted to view ""

    This site is categorised as "Pornography"

    Your IPAddress: ****
    Your Username: ****

    <Company>'s Internet Acceptable Usage Policy is available under IS&T Standards

    If you believe this website has been incorrectly categorised, please contact service desk

    Anyone know of an alternate URL to get there? I know some forums have an archive list view or some shit...

    Going home in protest....

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    Haha, looks like someone actually has a semi dilligent Sys Admin.

    I'd say use a proxy, but if you're going to do that there's far more risque shit you could be doing than checking PSB's Babes subforum.
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      i feel your pain


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        Don't shit in your it departments cornflakes. They will screw you.
        such comment
        many post


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          be happy it's only babes, and not the whole of PSB
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            erm, check it when you get home? :O


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     - Hypercloak proxy network


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                Originally posted by Cam View Post
                Don't shit in your it departments cornflakes. They will screw you.
                Originally posted by barfridge View Post
                be happy it's only babes, and not the whole of PSB
                and This
                Originally posted by bobinatcat View Post
                erm, check it when you get home? :O
                And well... there you go
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                  become a supporter, then leave PSB live open.... whenever a post is put in the babes thread you will be able to access it


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                    Hide My Ass! Free Proxy and Privacy Tools - Surf The Web Anonymously
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                      Originally posted by Cam View Post
                      Don't shit in your it departments cornflakes. They will screw you.
                      Qualifier: If they are competent.

                      Anonymizing proxy servers will only end up getting banned, and be aware that using them would be considered a far worse breach of acceptable use policy than browsing PSB - one is simply "oh, i didn't know" plausible, the other is "i found something that was blocked and decided to intentionally work around your access controls". i.e. its a big "fuck you" to the admin who put them in. Don't be surprised if he fucks back.

                      Given that your admin has blocked only the babes section, I'd be happy and not try to work around it, because they're likely the competent type (to make the distinction rather than blocking the whole site) who will pick up anon proxy usage and fuck you for it...

                      Those people who think they hide everything you do are missing the point... the anonymizer will show up in the logs (yes, against your username) and most admins I know (me included) consider it far worse than the porn or whatever you're browsing with it...
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                        mmm.... PSB is classed as motorbike porn. Love it

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                          Try being productive instead of looking at porn.
                          As said above, be thankful its only that section...
                          Originally posted by Amac
                          suck me on the hat you mole fucker, steroid affected me cock


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                            So, by the looks of it your IT guy has had a look through what you're browsing... And you decided to post from work asking how you can get around work's filters?