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    I have been applying for new jobs for ages now and cannot even seem to get a friggin interview. I am overqualified for most jobs I apply for and am getting very frustrated. Apparently, my selection criteria responses are not good enough- I guess I can't bullshit as good as everyone else.

    Reason for my post- I am looking for someone that knows how to write this crap. I can pay you for your time. Please pm me if you can help.


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    STAR is your friend...

    Situation - where, when, why
    Task - what was the job
    Action - what steps did you take
    Result - what was the end result

    e.g. While working as an Environmental Advisor for <Company>, one of the daily tasks was to liaise with engineers to obtain project information, including project footprints. This involved sending emails, attending meetings, reviewing engineering drawings, and generaly keeping on top of the changes in the Project. For example, once we were required to submit a vegetation clearing permit within 3 weeks without having sufficient project information. I needed to obtain the information from the engineers in a timely manner, which involved:
    - sending a list of required inputs
    - sending follow up emails to engineers with the list of required inputs
    - attending meetings to obtain the required inputs
    - sending death threats to the engineers
    - dobbing on the engineers to their managers and clients

    The result was that the required approval was submitted on time, with good quality information, which lead to the project being delivered on schedule and budget.

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      Thanks but that is what I have been using. I am apparently missing some magical "bullshit" factor that I can't seem to figure out.


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        Just out of curiosity, are you still teaching?


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          Bex used "Write a winning job application-a guide to responding to selection criteria" by Lloyd White.

          It was recommended to her by Cowasaki...


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            Originally posted by Rich View Post
            Bex used "Write a winning job application-a guide to responding to selection criteria" by Lloyd White.

            It was recommended to her by Cowasaki...
            Just PM'd that very same book.
            It's good
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              I'm guessing you're chasing government jobs...

              +1 for Lloyd White...with a bit of luck your library may have it.

              You're using STAR / SAO - great.

              Are you tailoring your adress to selection criteria to the position? Make sure you've studied the Position Description / Job Description Form to get the context of the criteria.

              Get someone to proof read your CV and selection criteria...find someone that knows what they're doing, about the job that your applying for and someone that's blunt and wont fluff around.

              The field is highly competitive at the moment, I'm getting 4-5 times the amount of applications for jobs than I would have got 18 months ago...and the quality is way up from 18 months ago too.

              Get feedback on the jobs that you didn't get and ask questions, find out what they were looking for.



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                What sort of jobs you got going JC?


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                  Middle Management & Clerical.


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                    If you are overqualified, take some of the bullshit and qualifications off your CV. I changed my cv and took all the stuff off about being a supervisor at my previous jobs and it has helped, I seem to get more interest.