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Any Drillers or Drillers Offsider is the house

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  • Any Drillers or Drillers Offsider is the house

    Hi Guys

    I am just wondering if anyone can give me some information about drillers and offsiders.

    Suchs as

    Whats the job like? Ups downs?
    Whats the turnover of staff like? do they get lot of people coming and leaving the industry?
    Whats are some of the good and bad contractors out there?
    Things to watch out?

    The main reason i ask is that i have seen lots of jobs advertised, lot more then any other mining jobs AND i am thinking of ditching the desk job and going bush/underground.

    Any advice is greatly appreciated


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    There was a thread like this just the other week... Even included youtube vids. OP was Murley, go look for his latest posts...
    Work Buy Consume Die


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      Cheers mate. i didnt see the thread and will go on the hunt


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        Hi Rider, I am in the same boat as you, really over the desk job and wanting to do something more physical. Preferably FIFO on the rigs or mines. Let me know how you go on the info hunt as I don't really know how to go about getting one of these jobs.


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          Hey SnG

          Check this link out, make you read all 5 pages it will give you a very good idea of what its like.

          Good luck


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            What do you do in your desk job?
            Originally posted by redfern
            If its good enough to carry missiles is safe enough for you bike.


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              Originally posted by Mybowlcut View Post
              What do you do in your desk job?
              I am in recruitment (working for an agency) kinda over the whole sales part of the job SO i am looking at other options 1st being an internal recruitment role (which is hard to get these days) 2nd FIFO.