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    Hey guys and gals

    Was sitting at home at lunch, and got a phone call from Mr. Taxman, (proceeded to shit myself). Apparently they never got my 2007 tax return, dont know how, i use e-tax. So now i get the fun job of chasing down my old employers for Group certificates, and re-submiting it.

    Funny thing is, he could see how much i earned, and paid in tax's etc. but i have to resubmit it in writing, and it only took 2 years for them to chase it up. Hopefully i can gets some money outta this to go towards a bike


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    *desperately hunts for cool story bro .jpeg*
    Originally posted by Melkor
    The Saint is all over the answer like a Saint on a cupcake.


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      Only 2 years
      I was a naughty boy for reasons best kept to myself and they didn't chase me for almost 10 years. They seemed shocked and chased hard.

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        you cant say something like that bert, and not tell us


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          wanna bet :-)


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            does he do that alot eh?


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              If you use e tax then you should have your origional group certificates, if you dont, you will learn to keep them from now on wont you should have also kept a back up file of the e tax form. The tax man may be a prick, but he has a very long memory, keep all your shit for at least 5 years.
              Now we have the lecture outta the way, I hope ya get a shit load back off the bastard!


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                Originally posted by Sean'o View Post
                , keep all your shit for at least 5 years.
                I thought it was 7 years


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                  Mr taxman knows what you've earned and paid in tax because your employer sends your PAYG statements to the ATO
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